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Festool Trion PSB300 EQ

*Est. $295
Reviewed by ConsumerSearch
Festool Trion PSB300 EQ

Best corded jigsaw overall, but expensive

  • Great ergonomics
  • Light weight (5.1 pounds)
  • Soft-start variable-speed motor
  • Superb dust collection
  • Cuts wood up to 4.75" thick
  • Bevel adjustment requires wrench
  • Base doesn't move back for flush cuts
  • Tool gets warm
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We found the most recent comparison reviews of the Festool Trion PSB300 EQ jigsaw in Fine Homebuilding magazine. The review is summarized in Taunton's 2008 Tool Guide, which adds users' jigsaw rankings from a reader survey by Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding magazines. Older comparison tests in Woodworker's Journal, Popular Woodworking magazine and the Journal of Light Construction are still relevant, because jigsaw models stay current for years. Quite a few single-product reviews of the Festool Trion PSB300 EQ jigsaw are also available online, including excellent reviews by professional woodworkers Bill Esposito and Phil Bumbalough.

For outstanding precision, ergonomics and dust control, reviews recommend the corded Festool Trion PSB300 EQ as the best jigsaw. Comparison tests show that both the top-handled and barrel-grip versions provide low vibration and precision even in tight curves on thick wood, and reviews say blade changes are easy and convenient. Dust gets extracted through the Festool jigsaw's baseplate in a unique, effective way – connecting with the top-ranked Festool shop vac. Optional circle-cutting and straight guide-rail systems are also available. This German tool brand has an excellent reputation for design and build quality, but you can get nearly as good performance – albeit without dust collection – from the less-expensive Bosch 1590EVSK (*est. $145).

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Festool PSB 300 EQ 6 Amp Jig Saw

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Our Sources

1. Taunton's 2008 Tool Guide

The editorial review is based on 2006 tests published in Fine Homebuilding magazine, but this article adds the results from a survey of readers of that publication and Fine Woodworking magazine. Readers rank the Festool PSB300 EQ second, higher than a Bosch model that the editors prefer.

Review: Tool Test: Jigsaws, Andy Engel and Taunton Press Editors, Sept. 2007

2. Fine Homebuilding

Based on tests of 12 corded D-handled jigsaws, this review praises the Festool PSB300 EQ jigsaw for smooth cuts and a compact base. But it criticizes the lack of tool-free bevel changes and a base that doesn't move back for flush cuts against a wall. However, an earlier 2004 review here tests jigsaws on tight curves using four-by-four lumber, giving the Festool jigsaw top ranking for this demanding task.

Review: A Better Breed of Jigsaws, Andy Engel, Aug./Sept. 2006

3. Woodworker's Journal

This review tests both the barrel-grip and D-handled versions of the Festool jigsaw, judging them "at the top of the class in every way." Compared with 11 other jigsaws, including the Bosch 1590EVSK, the Festool Trion PSB300 EQ earns top ranking.

Review: Puzzling Out Jigsaws, Rob Johnstone, June 2005

4. Popular Woodworking

Based on evaluations of blade-changing ease as well as tests of power and cutting quality, the Festool PSB300 EQ shares top ranking with the Makita 4341FCT. Both jigsaws show the least blade deflection in test cuts on a tight radius.

Review: Orbital Jigsaws, David Thiel, Nov. 2003

5. Journal of Light Construction

Testing the Festool Trion jigsaw on a range of cuts and woods, lead construction carpenter Victor Rasilla finds that even cuts with a 1-inch radius are a perfect 90 degrees all the way through redwood two-by-twos. There is absolutely no play in the chuck, and the dust-collection system is also exceptional – but the tool gets hot when used for 10 minutes straight.

Review: Trion Jigsaw, Victor Rasilla, April 2004

6. New Woodworker

Evaluating both handle versions of the Festool, Esposito is amazed at the power. "Using one of Festool's exclusive FSG blades, which are thicker than the normal blade, and the pendulum action … you can cut through four-inch posts like they were butter." The Festool jigsaw's motor adjusts electronically to the load, and speed is set with a dial.

Review: Trion PS/PSB 300 EQ Jigsaws by Festool, Bill Esposito, Nov. 1, 2003

7. Benchmark

Reviewing the D-handled version of the Festool Trion jigsaw, woodworker Phil Bumbalough says blade changes on the Festool jigsaw are "a dream compared to any other tool I own," and he concludes that "the Trion has transformed my opinion of the jigsaw as usable for only rough work."

Review: Festool Trion PSB300 EQ Jigsaw Review, Phil Bumbalough

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