Sing! Karaoke

Updated February 28, 2014
Sing! Karaoke
Bottom Line

Sing! Karaoke is a free app available for iOS and Android that lets you sing along with other users all over the world. While you can use Sing! Karaoke like any other karaoke app, playing for points or practicing your own performances, you can also join someone else's duet or group performance at any time without having to pay for the music track. For access to all songs, however, there's a pretty steep fee.


A karaoke party for all. Smule, the developer of Sing! Karaoke, says its mission is "connecting the world through music." Thus, the focus of this app isn't just singing music but sharing it. You can invite friends from social media to join your performances, and you can record your group efforts to post on the web, adding vocal effects if you wish. It's also possible to use Sing! Karaoke as a game, earning points for hitting the right notes, but it's the sharing features that set this app apart from others.

  • Sing with other users worldwide
  • Includes game element
  • Large music catalogue
  • Clunky interface
  • Some problems with Android version
  • New songs are costly