What the best kids' bikes have

  • Removable training wheels. These will help your child become comfortable on two wheels.
  • Adjustable seat. It is important to find a bike that can grow with your child.
  • Reliable braking system. Coaster brakes should be standard on all kids' bikes. The inclusion of hand brakes allows children to learn larger bikes.
  • Safety features. Your child's bicycle should include reflectors, bright colors and a bell (or horn).

Know before you go

How tall is your child? Although age is the general guideline for selecting a bike, height is the most important factor to consider when choosing the correct size bike for your child. An easy way to check for fit: The child should be able to stand over the bicycle with about an inch or two between the cross bar and his or her crotch. About.com's guide to bicycling posts a handy chart for choosing a properly sized kids' bike.

What's your budget? Just like full-sized bikes, kids models come in a wide variety at a wide range of prices. Also like full-sized bikes, quality often correlates directly with price.

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