Huffy Pro Thunder/Disney Princess

  • Durable
  • Good value
  • May arrive with damaged parts
  • Instruction manual hard to understand
Where to Buy

Bottom Line

The Huffy Pro Thunder and So Sweet offer great value as a starter bike for boys and girls alike. They are less expensive than many competitors, but they are lacking in build quality and consistency.


Get it together. While many say the Huffy Pro Thunder and So Sweet bikes are quickly and easily assembled, many owners complain that the instruction manual is nearly impossible to follow. One customer on said, "It seems that they wrote instructions for (six) bikes and crammed them into one book to save time." Another writes, "As for the reviews [that] complained about putting it together, we didn't have any of those problems," adding that, "The directions were indeed useless."

Users must decipher which instruction set applies to their bike and which ones to skip over. There are other issues regarding pedals becoming stuck and/or falling off completely. These cases seem to be rare, and most say the bike performs well.


Tough enough. The Huffy Pro Thunder and the So Sweet kids' bikes are fairly inexpensive; however, they do not sacrifice quality. One customer writes, "[T]his is a very sturdy bike that looks like it will last..." This is the general consensus, but there are still those few who are dissatisfied with the craftsmanship of the bike. Another customer says, "The pedals are not spinning easily, but are stuck time and time again, the clamp that arrests the saddle does not have my confidence, the training wheels attachment is flimsy, and so on."

Customer Service

Gets the job done. Upon receiving the bike, one customer noticed that there was a damaged reflector at the rear of their Huffy Pro Thunder. After struggling through's customer service to no avail, the owner turned to Huffy's website. "They have an 800 number for missing or damaged parts!" he says, adding that Huffy sent the new parts with no hassle. "Great company with proactive weblink! I will definitely buy Huffy bikes forevermore." However, there are not enough reviews commenting on the Huffy customer service department to develop a definitive impression.

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