20-inch kids' bike

  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum frame
  • Six gears
  • Lack of suspension
  • May be expensive for some

Bottom Line

The Islabike Beinn is a kids' mountain bike for the more advanced rider. With an aluminum frame, six gears and off-road capabilities, the Beinn will help your budding young riders hone their skills.


A biker's bike. The Islabike Beinn 20 has an aluminum frame, aluminum rims and steel spokes. This makes for a relatively lightweight, fast and responsive bike that can stand up to the abuse of off-road riding. Although the bike lacks any sort of proper suspension system, it makes up for it with its larger wheel size. BikeRadar.com explains, "Despite the Beinn's lack of suspension, the ride is smooth, as the 26-inch wheels cope with bumps better than the 24-inch wheels that bikes for this age group usually have."

Unlike some kids' bikes, which have only one speed, the Islabike has a six-speed Shimano transmission. This may be a bit complicated for kids who are not used to changing their gear ratio, parents say, but most kids learn how to use it. A review on CyclingActive.com writes, "The grip shift was simple to use, but she did have to struggle a bit to change down the sprockets as it needed a little more strength and a slightly different technique -- but this will come to her."


Good impressions. There are surprisingly few reviews on the Islabike Beinn regarding how well it stands up to wear and tear. Considering the design of the bike, quality of performance, durable materials and intended purpose for off-roading, it's likely that the Beinn 20 can stand the test of time. As one reviewer says on CyclingActive.com, "The attention to detail on the bike is verging on the obsessive."

Customer Service

With warm regards. While there are very few reviews of the Beinn 20's longevity, there are even fewer reviews of Islabike's customer service. We did find one review at LondonSkaters.com, however. "I was most impressed with the customer service, having my emails directly answered by [company owner] Isla Rowntree herself, with very quick responses," the owner says.

Our Sources

1. BikeRadar.com

Dan Joyce gives the bike an extremely positive review and seems blown away by the quality of this kids bike. The only flaw he could find was a lack of suspension, but he did not consider it a problem.

Review: Islabikes Beinn Small Kids' Bike Review, Dan Joyce, January 2010

2. CyclingActive.com

Simon Warren doesn't seem to find anything wrong with the Islabike Beinn 20 in his article. He talks about its build quality and gears. Overall, he is impressed with the bike.

Review: Isla Bikes Beinn 20: First Ride, Simon Warren, Not dated

3. Road.cc

David Else review of the Islabike Beinn 20 is completely positive; he has nothing negative to say about the bike. At the end of the review there is a spot for readers to leave comments.

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4. London Skaters.com

This review of the Islabike Beinn 20 is one of the very few reviews mentioning Islabike's customer service. The review is brief but positive, and the author has nothing but good things to say of the Beinn 20. He did perform hands-on testing with the product, as is evident in his photographs from assembly to testing.

Review: Islabikes - Beinn 20 review, Contributors to LondonSkaters.com, Not dated

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