June 2013
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Jamis Laser (Starlite)

  • Well made
  • Comfortable
  • Hand and coaster brakes
  • Heavy
  • Lack of accessories

Bottom Line

For kids ready to progress past the training wheels the Jamis Laser (boys) and Starlite (girls) are bikes worth considering. They come with coaster brakes and a rear hand brake for added safety and quicker stops, but both are a bit on the heavy side.


Tough to be sure. The Jamis Starlite and Laser are equipped with a coaster brake, allowing the rider to pedal backward to stop. The bikes also have a rear hand brake, allowing riders to grow accustomed to the adult style. However, they lack other basic features, such as lights, bells and fenders. The bike is also a bit on the heavy side, making lifting and controlling it troublesome for smaller children, patents say. Despite these drawbacks, reviewers don't find any glaring issues with the bike.


Little feedback. With so little to go by in the way of customer reviews for the Jamis Starlite and Laser kids' bikes, it's tough to say much about its durability. It has an aluminum frame, so it may rust unless proper care is taken.

Customer Service

Mixed feelings. Owner opinion is mixed when it comes to customer service. One parent writing at's forum says of the company, "Jamis stands behind their products and manufacturing, and is one of the few companies that I will not hesitate to recommend." Another says, "The regional rep simply laughed at all my problems."

Our Sources


Dorie Apollonio shares her personal experience with the Jamis Laser bike on her personal blog. The review is lengthy and detailed. Overall she is pleased with the bike, though she would have added a few things to it.

Review: The Christmas Bike: Jamis Laser 20", Dorie Apollonio, January 2012

2. Bicycling Magazine provides a very brief review of the Jamis Starlite bike. The review discusses a few of the bikes attributes, as well as why it is so comfortable.

Review: Jamis Starlite, Editors of, April 2010


This thread on discusses the virtues of Jamis' customer service. A few of the customers on this thread have had negative experiences with the company. There is a fairly even balance of opinions on the quality of Jamis' customer service.

Review: Jamis Customer Service A++++, Contributors to, As of April 2010

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