Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

Best tricycle

  • Adjustable
  • Easy assembly
  • Low center of gravity
  • Relatively heavy for a trike
  • Prone to rusting
  • Tough to pedal

Bottom Line

The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is designed for children ages 1 ½ to 3 years old. Its low-to-the ground, recumbent seating position makes it harder to tip over, but it also makes pedaling more difficult for some kids.


Low to the ground. Because of the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle's low center of gravity, it is less likely to tip over on sharp or fast turns than other models. This makes for a safer tricycle than some of its competitors, reviewers say. However, the tricycle's seating position may make it harder for some kids to pedal. One parent at writes, "The pedals are in front and the pushing forward is not as intuitive as a more upright tricycle that mirrors more closely the action of walking or climbing stairs."

The Roadster Tricycle is also a bit on the heavy side when compared to other trikes. An Amazon reviewer says, "It is bigger than I imagined and very heavy to carry or lift anywhere." This could be problematic for small children who lack the strength to propel the bike forward. On the other hand, some parents say the tricycle is not heavy enough. One thing most owners agree on: Assembly is fairly easy.


Leaky tires. There have been a number of reports of inner tubes leaking early on with the Schwinn Tricycle. One customer said, "The rear tire popped the third time my daughter rode it." On top of this, replacement parts can be difficult to acquire. One customer says, "The 10x2 inner tube is almost impossible to find, and the one or two places that might have them want more than $20 each!"

Some users also mention occasional rusting, even when stored properly. Despite the problematic inner tubes, most find the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is a well-built tricycle. One user says, "This trike is so cute and sturdy. We couldn't ask for a better trike for the money!"

Customer Service

Dependable service. Schwinn, according to most reviewers' experiences, stands behind their products and offers a reliable customer service. One customer needed a new inner tube and tire for the Schwinn Roadster; the company sent replacement parts without any hassle. On the flip side, a few customers complain about Schwinn not carrying specific parts.

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