Schwinn Jasmine or Scorch

16-inch kids' bike

  • Sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Coaster, front and rear brakes
  • Heavy
  • Some arrive with bent fork
  • No kickstand
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Bottom Line

Complete with front and rear brakes as well as coaster brakes, the Schwinn Jasmine (girls) and Scorch (boys) are great bikes for kids starting with training wheels and growing into more advanced features. They are mostly sturdy, but there have been a few issues with parts not arriving intact.


More brakes for your buck. Like most kids bikes, the Schwinn Scorch and Jasmine -- the girls' style -- come with coaster brakes, allowing the rider to stop by pedaling backward. However, they are also equipped with both front and rear brakes. The extra brakes help to better ensure the riders' safety, plus they allow kids to get accustomed to braking with their hands. Assembly of the bike is straightforward and simple.

One customer writes on, "My 13-year old son assembled it with no problems." This doesn't mean that there haven't been some complications. There are many reports of the bike arriving with a bent front fork, making it impossible to mount the front wheel during assembly -- not to mention making it extremely unsafe to ride. The company seems to be quick and responsive, however, when asked for a new one.


Heavy metal frame. Thanks to its hefty build, the Schwinn's frame will last for some time, users say; however, it may be too heavy for smaller kids. One customer says, "It's too bulky and heavy to control well or get started without a push." Some parents say they expect the bike to last through several children. The Scorch would most likely "withstand anything my son was likely to put it through in the years to come!" another customer writes.

Customer Service

Excellent service. One customer on received the bike with a bent front fork -- the most common of shipping issues -- and contacted the company. They quickly sent a replacement part. The customer wrote, "Yes, the quality issue was an inconvenience, but their customer service more than made up for it and knowing if I have any other issues they are there to help is well worth a 5 rating!"

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