Strider PREbike

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable
  • Stickers fall off
  • Seat tends to loosen
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Bottom Line

The Strider ST-4 PREbike is a great learning tool for kids transitioning from three wheels to two. It is lightweight and easily managed by children ages 1 to 5, but some says its quality is not worth the price.


Don't oversteer. Unlike some other kids' bikes, which limit the turning radius so kids won't oversteer and tip over, he Strider PREbike has free-range steering. This is a major point of contention among some parents, who worry about safety. Others say it over complicates the learning process. One customer at wrote, "The lack of limited steering makes this bike's learning curve a lot steeper." However, this customer later updated the review to say, "I'm happy to report that with time and practice the free-range steering is not that much of an issue now as it was on day one."

Most people agree the PREbike is very easy to assemble. No tools are required, and instruction videos are available online, in addition to the included paper instructions. One reviewer on said, "It literally took 5 minutes to put together."


Minor issues. We read a number of complains about minor quality issues. For example, several parents say the handlebar grips tend to "blow out" at the ends, exposing the sharp metal underneath. However, this seems to happen fairly early on, and customer service is normally quick to provide replacements. Also the stickers can peel off, reviewers say, but many find the bike more desirable without them.

Despite these complains, owners say the PREbike lasts through more than one child, according to multiple accounts. One reviewer who was skeptical of the bike's quality at first retracted his statement, saying, "I do think my initial concerns were overblown. After hundreds of miles this Strider has held up just fine and is ready for the next kid."

Customer Service

Excellent job. We found a number of reviews where parents complain that the Strider PREbike arrived with faulty parts, scratched surfaces or all-around poor quality. Despite this, most owners have nothing but positive things to say of Strider's customer service. As one reviewer says, "[C]ustomer service was Johnny-on-the-spot and sent out a replacement quicker than I was expecting."

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