Label Makers : Ratings of Sources

Updated December 31, 2013
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Label Makers: Ratings of Sources

1. Labeling Printers,, As of January 2014
Credibility: reviews a handful of label makers ranging from inexpensive models for personal use to high-end, computer-connectible label makers for volume and professional use. Similar label makers are often compared. All label makers receive ratings and some are singled out for Editors' Choice awards.
2. Label Makers,, As of January 2014
Credibility: offers lots of label makers and most accumulate at least some feedback. Reports vary in length, but some are long and packed with details. Some reviewers are verified by to have purchased the label maker. Some contributors are members of the Amazon Vine program, which provides free products for review to users who have built up a trusted record of helpful reviews.
3. Label Maker,, As of January 2014
Credibility: also lets users post reviews of label makers they own. Most get only a handful of comments, but a few receive hundreds of ratings and reviews. Write-ups tend to be shorter than at Most reviewers here are verified buyers, which adds to the credibility of the reports.
4. Specialty Printers,, As of January 2014
Credibility: includes a handful of label makers among its reviews of specialty printers. Reviews are hands-on but not particularly long. Still, pros and cons of a given label maker are adequately discussed and each receives a rating.
5. Electronic & Automatic Label Makers,, As of January 2014
At, most label makers receive only a handful of user reviews. However, a few have more than 50 and one attracts more than 300. Write-ups tend to be short and reviewers are not verified. Lists of pros and cons, as well as a snapshot of how many owners would recommend a given label maker to a friend, can be helpful.
6. Labeling Solutions,, As of January 2014
Some manufacturers like Brother allow users to leave feedback at their websites. Here, many Brother label makers garner some comments, and in some cases lots of reviews. There is no verification, but enough negative reviews show up to remove any worries about bias.
7. Good Housekeeping The Best Tools of All Time, Good Housekeeping, Not dated
In this undated, non-bylined article, Good Housekeeping names what it considers to be the best tools for organizing the "mayhem" in your home. First on the list is the label maker, specifically the "nice-priced" Brother P-touch PT-90. However, there's no information on what, if any, testing has been done.
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