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Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack

*Est. $35
August 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack

  • Stylish look
  • Slim profile
  • Easy to use, adjustable straps
  • Many well-designed compartments
  • Straps may be too wide for smaller people
  • Straps may cut into shoulders for long trips
  • Bag material isn't reinforced
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The Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack comes in a variety of sizes and a few colors, but all models share the same basic features: nylon construction with an attractive diamond pattern on the outside, a slim profile, a collection of pockets for everything from wallets to sunglasses to smartphones, and a padded compartment inside for your laptop. Users say the pockets and compartments are well thought out and the bag looks great, but the nylon is not reinforced, so it may not last long under abuse. It's a smaller backpack, so probably not suitable for those in school with a large number of books to carry, and the straps may not be comfortable for long hauls.

Durability: The sacrifice for buying a bag at a lower price point.

Case Logic's DLBP Laptop Backpack is made out of nylon, but is not reinforced in most areas and not double-stitched. While users don't complain about failures, they tend to think that the backpack isn't likely to hold up to serious abuse.

Comfort: Users like the padded back and straps, but complain about strap comfort.

The padded back of the Case Logic Laptop Backpack means that even users carrying sharp objects never get poked. The straps are also padded and easily adjustable. But some smaller-sized users complain they are set too widely apart, threatening to slide off shoulders, and a few larger users say the straps cut into their shoulders after longer use.

Appearance: Pretty and svelte for a laptop backpack.

Reviews universally praise the Case Logic Laptop Backpack's ability to squeeze in a whole lot of gear in a relatively slim profile. The diamond pattern on the outside is popular, and overall the bag is repeatedly described as "stylish."

Warranty: A standard 25-year warranty, but would you return a $35 backpack?

The backpack comes with a 25-year warranty, fairly standard in the industry, but at this price point we'd have to question whether anyone would bother. Users do not complain about immediate failures, and there are no comments, positive or negative, about Case Logic customer service.

Features: Great price, users say, but the bag may not last as long.

The affordable $35 estimated price tag of the Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack is attractive to a number of users, though most agree it will not last as long as some other, more expensive bags.

Bottom Line: A well-designed bag for a good price.

The Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack may not be the bag you're carrying 25 years from now, but its attractive, thoughtful design will likely woo you over for the price.

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More than 60 users give the Case Logic DLBP laptop backpack an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. They praise its "pocket for everything," including the anti-scratch pocket for sunglasses or smartphones, the padded pocket for the laptop itself and the other compartments. Users say the straps are wide and comfortable. Those marking the bag down comment that it's too small to fit a laptop plus peripherals, books and other bulky items for students, and that the nylon exterior is thinner than on some other bags.

Review: Case Logic DLBP-116 16-Inch Laptop Backpack (Black), Contributors to


This extremely detailed video review of the 14-inch version of the Case Logic DLBP laptop backpack by a British reviewer shows pocket-by-pocket what fits into the backpack, along with general impressions and his take on the tactile feel of the various parts of the pack. He finds most of the pockets to be useful and well placed, and shows that the case will carry three to four books in addition to the laptop in the pouch. "This really is a very small bag, but you can fit a lot of stuff in there," he says.

Review: CaseLogic 13" Laptop Backpack Review, "TechStickyAsGlue", May 31, 2012

3. Laptop Magazine

Laptop Magazine rounds up seven thinner laptop backpacks, including the Case Logic DLBP, which they say is "guaranteed to make you stand out from a crowd." Editor Anna Attkisson compliments the pack's padded compartment, zippered wallet pocket, felt-like compartment for sunglasses and strap management system.

Review: Travel Light: 7 Slim Laptop Backpacks, Anna Attkisson, June 3, 2011


About a half-dozen users review the Case Logic DLBP laptop backpack, giving it a perfect average rating of 5 stars and universally saying they would recommend it to a friend. Most say they use it as the small carry-on while traveling. It is "functional," "roomy," and "waterproof," users say, with lots of pockets for smaller items and a comfortable pair of padded straps.

Review: Case Logic 16" Laptop Backpack, Black, Contributors to


Ironically, some of the toughest reviews for the Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpack come from users of its own website. Only 75 percent of about a dozen purchasers say they would buy the pack again, although the average rating for appearance, durability, organization, value and overall are above 9 out of 10 in all categories. Most like the look and organization a lot, but some find the bag too small. Two smaller-sized women say the straps are too wide to be comfortable.

Review: Case Logic 16" Laptop Backpack, Contributors to

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