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Ful PowerBag Backpack

*Est. $90
August 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Ful PowerBag Backpack

  • Laptop pocket at back of backpack near padding
  • Tablet sleeve inside
  • Charges small devices (phones, tablets)
  • Battery has good capacity for devices
  • Understated styling
  • Will not charge laptops
  • Laptop pocket could be better padded at edges
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The Ful Powerbag Backpack laptop case is very highly rated for one reason: it will charge phones, tablets and other small devices, in addition to carrying a laptop and other electronics. It won't charge the laptop itself, but the bag is comfortable to carry, attractively styled and understated. The charging system works well, charging a dozen different devices without external adapters, and the Powerbag is roomy, reviewers say.

Durability: Well stitched, with strong materials and zippers.

While the bag has not existed long enough for truly long-term reviews, initial tests by users and reviewers find the bag is ruggedly built, with strong zippers and stitching and well-made materials. The bottom is coated with a rubber-like material for extra longevity.

Comfort: Padded, but lacking in ventilation and compartments.

All who review the bag comment on how comfortable the padding is, both on the straps and on the back of the pack. But some users note that while the straps have mesh, the backpack itself does not have any ventilation to prevent sweating while carrying. Also, the main storage area doesn't have any compartments, meaning that items all slip to the bottom of the bag instead of distributing. Still, users say that only affects comfort if you overload the bag and then haul it long distances, giving it high marks overall.

Appearance: Low-key, stylish design hides its true nature.

Reviewers like that the Ful Powerbag Backpack doesn't advertise its abilities on the outside, instead opting for a svelte, plain design. That's a good thing, especially if it deters thieves. It's not a trendsetting pack, but it's less geeky than some.

Warranty: The drawbag of an electronic bag: an electronic warranty.

Unlike our other top-reviewed bags, the Ful Powerbag Backpack carries only a one-year warranty, thanks mostly to the fact that it has electronic components. While it's understandable that the company can't guarantee electronics for the 25 years to life for which most brands cover their bags, the bag construction itself is not separately covered.

Features: More expensive than a charger and separate pack.

Reviewers love the integration of the charger features and the pack itself, the thoughtful design of laptop and tablet pockets and the exterior look of the case. But they note that from a purely practical point of view, buying a separate charger and laptop bag would be cheaper. Most say the integration is worth it, but some users feel differently.

Bottom Line: A pleasantly designed, spacious backpack with charging abilities.

The Ful Powerbag Backpack isn't the only laptop bag on the market that can charge devices, but reviewers agree it's the best. It will not charge the laptop itself, but will power up almost any smaller device with ease, and the bag is comfortable in the short haul. Reviewers and users say the bag is well made and has a simple, clean style.

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Powerbag Back Pack Designed by ful with Battery for Charging Smartphones, Tablets and eReaders - Blue (RFAP-0124F)

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Seth Weintraub finds the Ful Powerbag Backpack's charging battery is beefy enough to fully charge his iPhone 4 twice or add about 5 hours -- half a charge -- to an iPad. He likes being able to leave his devices in the bag and just plug the bag in when he gets home, since it will charge up to four devices at once. Weintraub also likes the internal pockets, though he wishes for more external ones, and says the material and zippers are high quality. He wishes the battery could charge laptops.

Review: Review: Powerbag by Ful Is a Device-Charging Backpack That Looks Too Good for a Geek, Seth Weintraub, Dec. 10, 2011


Tony Simons of likes the TSA-friendly nature of the Ful Powerbag Backpack, the durability, the style and the interior compartments. When fully loaded, it can be uncomfortable, he notes, and he wishes for laptop charging. He awards a perfect 5-star rating and designates it a Must-Have Item.

Review: Review: The Powerbag Backpack by Ful, Tony Simons, Feb. 2, 2012


The Ful Powerbag Backpack isn't the most stylish laptop bag in the world, Glenn Kunzler writes, but "it does a great job of serving its specific purpose -- charging gadgets on the go." He wishes there were a built-in cable in the tablet compartment the way there is in the small-device compartment. There is little ventilation and the straps are not well padded, so there are more comfortable packs, he writes. Still, it provides "tons of storage" and has "great organization features."

Review: Review: Powerbag Backpack by Ful, J. Glenn Kunzler, Jan. 25, 2012


Kien Tran declares the Ful Powerbag Backpack durable and comfortable, praising its padding and water-shedding properties (though it's not fully waterproof, he notes). He would like to see more sub-compartmentalization of the main part of the pack. He finds he only needs to charge the backpack every couple of days. He likes that the Powerbag will charge both small devices and 2.1-amp devices such as tablets.

Review: Review: Charge Gear on the Go with the Ful PowerBag Backpack, Kien Tran, Sept. 8, 2011


More than 20 users of give the Ful Powerbag Backpack by Homedics an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. They call it "solidly made" and "heavy duty," saying it can stand up to student use. Two users say the laptop compartment itself could be better padded, and one notes that the battery is proprietary (and expensive to replace). But most say it's a comfortable, solidly built, convenient pack for those who carry small devices and tablets in addition to their laptop.

Review: Powerbag Back Pack with Battery, Contributors to


A half-dozen users give the Ful Powerbag Laptop Backpack 3.9 out of 5 stars on average. If you're charging a lot you may want to upgrade to the deluxe model, one user notes. Another owner raves about the storage: "It holds EVERYTHING. The built in battery and adapters are great. I would buy the bag just for the storage capacity and the neat slots that it has."

Review: Powerbag by Ful 3000 mAH Laptop Backpack, Contributors to


The reviewer at calls the Ful Powerbag Laptop Backpack the most comfortable he has ever owned. He hauls it around Comic-Con for the review, and likes the spaciousness, the slim laptop pocket and the many devices he can charge. (Portable gaming devices did fine; a Toshiba camera did not.) He awards a perfect 5-star rating.

Review: Review: Powerbag Backpack Designed by Ful, Editors of, July 21, 2012

8. praises the Ful Powerbag Backpack's charging system, battery indicator, rapid recharge, water resistance and padded compartments -- but wishes for a lower price tag and longer charging cables. Reviewer Jeff Haynes awards a perfect 5-star rating, regardless.

Review: Powerbag Backpack by Ful Review, Jeff Haynes, Nov. 25, 2011


Christen Costa says the Ful Powerbag Backpack is a bit bulky and "not the coolest looking," but he likes the functionality. He is able to charge his iPhone to full capacity 3.5 times from a charge of 10-15 percent. Costa awards the Powerbag 4.5 out of 5 stars and an Excellent rating, dinging it slightly on price and style but praising its comfort, charging ability and storage space.

Review: Powerbag Backpack Review, Christen Costa, Oct. 11, 2011


Mark Milian at reviews both the Ful Powerbag Backpack laptop case and its messenger-bag equivalent, which he says is very similar. "I was pleasantly surprised by how long the Powerbag's battery lasts. It went for more than a week at a time retaining most of its charge. On a single charge, it can completely fill about two small gadgets -- a phone and iPod, for example," he writes. He wishes for a laptop charging option, but calls the bags "stylish."

Review: Review: A Laptop Bag that Can Charge Gadgets, Mark Milian, Dec. 6, 2011

11. gives the Ful Powerbag Backpack a 5-star overall rating, with 5 stars each for quality, usefulness and battery strength, and a 4.5-star (out of 5) rating for price. The review points out that the bag doesn't advertise its charger status or attract thieves, calling the design "great and ordinary." Editors praise the laptop sleeve, externally accessible at the back of the pack.

Review: Review: Powerbag Backpack by Ful, Editors of, April 13, 2012

12. Laptop Magazine

Jason Anderson's G Style Magazine review of the Ful Powerbag Backpack is short but complimentary, calling the laptop bag stylish and comfortable. He likes the charger, and gives the bag a Fashion Star rating.

Review: G Styled: Powerbag Backpack -- Cool & Powerful, Jason Anderson, Sept. 19, 2011


Ricardo Trejo says he wishes the bag had a laptop charging option, but he likes the sturdiness of and the pockets built into the Ful Powerbag Backpack. He likes the tablet sleeve, but notes that it's a tight fit if you have a case on an iPad. He calls the Powerbag's styling sleek and minimal, and awards a 4-star (out of 5) rating. The price is high, but worth it, he says.

Review: Powerbag Backpack Designed by Ful Review, Ricardo Trejo, Feb. 7, 2012

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