Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.1 Review

Updated February 28, 2014
Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.1
Bottom Line

The Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.1 has just about everything you could ask for in a laptop messenger bag. It's sturdy yet lightweight, with good protection for a laptop. The interior is well organized, with lots of little touches like discreet magnetic closures that users love. As for the styling, it's almost infinitely customizable, with over 70 fabric and color choices. Its only downside is that it's not the most comfortable case for bicycling.


Light yet sturdy. The Commuter 2.1 is made mainly of Cordura nylon, with a waterproof vinyl interior and a waterproof rubber boot on the bottom. It offers good protection for the laptop in a padded removable sleeve with a Velcro closure. Reviewers are consistently impressed with the quality of the Commuter's construction. Charlie Sorrel at CultOfMac.com predicts confidently that the bag will wear well, saying he's been carrying a Zero messenger bag from the same company for years and it's "pretty much as good as new." He also notes that there aren't many zippers and other moving parts that can break, and the few it does have are sturdy.

ProsDurable, Good laptop protection, Good interior organization, Magnetic closures, Customizable designConsUncomfortable for biking


Better for walking than biking. Most reviewers, including owners who review the case on the manufacturer's website, describe the Commuter 2.1 as comfortable to carry. Sorrel speaks approvingly of the bag's light weight, saying that this is one of the few "pockety" bags that isn't too heavy when empty. Both Michael Zhao of TheWirecutter.com and Julie Strietelmeier of The-Gadgeteer.com say it's comfortable to carry a fully loaded bag messenger-style (with the strap worn across the body) and the padded strap is easy to adjust. The only detractor is Max Neale at OutdoorGearLab.com, who finds the Commuter 2.0 (a nearly identical predecessor to the 2.1) uncomfortable for biking.


Infinite variations. The Commuter 2.1 comes in a huge variety of color and fabric choices. The main body of the bag is always black, but you can select your own colors for the outer flap, the binding and even the Rickshaw logo. Zhao says approvingly that the bag's "clean lines and customizable appearance make it clear that the wearer cares about style." He also says the "briefcase-in-disguise form factor" is versatile, suitable for both professionals and students. His only concern is that the messenger style might not be quite formal enough for "a more serious work place."


Little touches make a big difference. What reviewers love most about the Commuter 2.1 is its wealth of details. Sorrel describes it as "incredibly well thought out": it has two front pockets with a soft lining ("perfect for storing glasses" according to Zhao at TheWirecutter.com), a key fob, an internal slash pocket that can hold a tablet computer, and a rear organizer pocket with slots for pens and other accessories. One touch that every reviewer mentions is the discreet magnetic strip closures, which can be used as a quieter alternative to the bag's standard Velcro closures.


Unbeatable warranty. Most high-end laptop cases come with a lifetime warranty, but Rickshaw Bagworks has the best one we've seen. While most warranties specifically cover only manufacturing defects (as opposed to normal wear and tear), Rickshaw Bagworks has a policy of "no reasonable request denied." Consumers who are dissatisfied for any reason, at any time, can return the bag to the company for repair or replacement. In addition, there's a separate 30-day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked. Those two promises, combined with the case's exceptional durability, make its $180 price tag seem a lot more reasonable.

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