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Targus CityGear TopLoad Case

*Est. $60 and up
August 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Targus CityGear TopLoad Case

  • Lots of room for accessories
  • Light (when not overloaded)
  • Pockets for files, tablets, cell phones
  • Water bottle holder
  • Laptop is well protected inside
  • Easy to overload
  • Case is thick
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Targus laptop bags receive many positive mentions from critics and user reviews, and the CityGear TopLoad Case is a particular favorite among users due to its many thoughtfully designed pockets, roomy interior, clean (if unexciting) design and reasonably priced features. The Targus CityGear TopLoad Case comes in two sizes: the New York (TCG400) is designed to hold up to 16-inch notebooks, while the Los Angeles (TCF417) holds up to 17-inchers.

Durability: Strong materials in a well-constructed laptop bag with a possible weak point.

User reviews of the Targus CityGear TopLoad laptop case say its nylon construction is well stitched and stands up to regular use. A couple of users complain that the handle, which bears most of the weight when the bag is overstuffed -- easy to do with its large interior volume -- is attached with grommets to a piece of plastic, which can break over time. Most don't report having that experience.

Comfort: Lightweight laptop bag with a padded strap, but don't overload for long trips.

Reviewers say the light weight of the Targus CityGear TopLoad laptop case when only packed with a laptop and the padded strap are comfortable. But overloading the bag and carrying it for long periods can make the strap feel too thin. One 6-foot-plus user notes that, while comfortable, the bag could use a slightly longer strap for a perfect fit.

Appearance: An attractive bag with plain styling, and yellow accents that may appear informal.

Users say they really like the way the Targus CityGear TopLoad laptop case looks: black nylon, trimmed out nicely, with yellow accents. Most say they like the accents, although some note that they make the bag more informal for business use. The larger size of the case is very large, users say; useful for carrying everything you might need (laptop, files, accessories), but not svelte.

Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty that users generally don't report needing.

Targus offers a limited lifetime warranty on its laptop bags, including the CityGear TopLoad. Users say their bags last and generally don't need to be returned for repair or replacement. Those few user reviews that mention customer service are generally positive.

Features: Consistently rated up by users for tons of features for the price.

At an estimated $60 for the 16-inch laptop version, the Targus CityGear TopLoad case offers a lot for the money, according to hundreds of reviews. Most users mention the bag's value, including its many compartments for things like files, accessories, cell phones and even water bottles, and its built-in mesh sleeve. Users say the construction is excellent for the price, if not high style like some more expensive bags.

Bottom Line: A great, basic all-around bag at a good price.

If you own a laptop, you've likely seen or owned a Targus bag. The brand is common and one of the top reviewed overall in our report. The CityGear TopLoad is a good, well-built, standard case, users say, with many thoughtful features for the price and a sturdy, attractive look. There are more stylish cases on the market -- and this isn't the sort of rugged case designed for extreme conditions -- but users rave about its qualities as an everyday bag that will handle your laptop, files and any other doodads you want to throw in.

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Targus CityGear Los Angeles Top Load Case for 17 Inch Notebooks TCG417 (Black with Grey)

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Well over 350 users give the Targus CityGear laptop bag an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, raving about its roomy interior, multitude of thoughtful pockets, water bottle sleeve, sleek looks and laptop protection. Users note that it is slightly heavier and larger than some laptop cases, especially in the 17-inch version. All CityGear reviews are lumped together here.

Review: Targus CityGear New York Top Load Case, Contributors to


About a dozen tech-savvy users at review the Targus CityGear New York (16-inch) laptop case, giving it a perfect 5-egg average. Customers like the room, the protection for the laptop and the many pockets. One 6-foot-plus user complains the shoulder strap is a little too short for him. The bag is not small or slim, users note, and it's easy to stuff so full it gets extra heavy, but they like the looks.

Review: Targus Black/Gray/Yellow 15.4" CityGear New York Notebook Case Model TCG400, Contributors to


About two dozen people give the Targus CityGear (17-inch) laptop case an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, with several calling it a very good value for the price. Users praise the size, pockets, rugged construction and durability. Few customers call out any cons; those that do comment that it is not a slim bag.

Review: Targus CityGear Laptop Case, Black, 17.3", Contributors to


About 20 users give the Targus CityGear (17-inch) laptop case an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars on's site, which sells the bag. Customers like the fit with Dell's 17-inch laptops, the sturdy zippers, the light weight (if not overloaded) and its durability. Size is an issue, with some users joking that they lose things in the bag's many voluminous pockets.

Review: Targus CityGear Los Angeles Case, Contributors to

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