Ego LM2102SP Review
Bottom Line

Self-propelled electric lawn mowers are a bit scarce, but the new-for-2016 Ego LM2102SP is at the tippy top of the small heap. Its 56-volt lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery takes 60 minutes to charge and holds that charge for a full 60 minutes; it then gives you just enough juice to get back to base when the battery dies. It's probably easier to use than any other mower around, and is well-sealed enough that you can mow in the rain if you so desire. If you already own a compatible battery and charger, you can buy the mower only as the Ego LM2100SP (Est. $430). Or, if you want a spare battery (or need to eventually replace the original), you'll want the Ego 56-volt 7.5 Ah Battery ($380). 

ProsEnergy efficient, Great handling, Very easy to use; clean, QuietConsLimited to 1/4 to 1/3 acre per charge

Breaking it down


Comparable to some of the best gas mowers. In one professional test, the Ego LM2102SP outperformed all but the very top rated gas mowers, earning Very Good ratings for bagging and mulching. Owners are even more impressed, downright ecstatic, in fact, with hundreds of reviewers giving the LM2102SP near-perfect rating across the board. Those who bought it just because they wanted to be more eco-friendly are blown away by its performance in cutting and bagging grass cleanly and neatly, as well as by its neat mulching performance. Those with smaller yards are most pleased, but a few say that they mow their front yard one day, their back the next, and are just as satisfied.

Ease of use

Doesn't get any simpler. According to reviewers, the Ego LM2102SP is easy to use right out of the box (once you charge the battery, that is). It's easy to assemble, push and handle. Testing backs up those user comments, in the aforementioned professional test the LM2102SP earns Excellent scores for both ease of use and handling. Owners agree, saying this is the lightest, best handling, easiest to use mower they've ever owned. The self-propel feature can be adjusted from 1.8 to 3.6 mph, although a few say that, for them, that faster speed is like jogging while mowing. The six-position height adjustment is quick and easy -- one lever adjusts all four wheels in half-inch increments. The handlebars have a three-position height adjustment for shorter or taller users, and they fold down for storage.


Is this thing on? Unlike most noisy, disruptive lawn mowers, the Ego LM2102SP is quiet enough to use when everyone else is asleep. While we saw no comments from experts on the noise level, owners had plenty to say -- and thanks to this quiet, quiet electric mower, you can hear them all. We saw no particular comments regarding safety -- or lack thereof -- with the Ego LM2102SP, but it's important to read the owner's manual for any mower and be conscious of the sharp blades underneath. Eye protection is also recommended.

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