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Lawn Mowers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 18 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
Not Dated
Lawn Mowers & Tractors
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentThis comparison test of more than 100 models of lawn mowers includes self-propelled, push, gas, corded and cordless lawn mowers. Editors evaluate each mower's ability to cut, mulch, bag and side-discharge, as well as overall handling and usability. Other articles on this site discuss which type of mowers are the most economical and how to select the best lawn mower for your needs.
2. PopularMechanics.com
Not Dated
The Best Walk-Behind Lawnmowers: Comparison Test
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentTo test the performance of 13 lawn mowers, Popular Mechanics puts them to use in both rainy and blazing hot weather for the magazine's most recent review. The Honda HRR2168VKA gets five stars and is named Best Overall for its "great cut quality."
3. PopularMechanics.com
Not Dated
Best Lawnmowers of the Year: Comparison Test
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentTo understand how well eight convertible mulching mowers can perform, Popular Mechanics skips the neatly trimmed course and heads to real-world lawns where grass is rougher and hills are steeper. Testers run mowers in wet and dry grass, gauge their convenience and drivability and measure their noise output. Two mowers tie for first-place: the Honda HRX217VKA and the Toro 20332 (which is analogous to the 20333).
4. GreenerChoices.org
May 2011
Lawn Mowers: Green Buying Guide 5/11
by Editors of GreenerChoices.org
Our AssessmentThis site links to comparison tests from ConsumerReports.org to recommend the greenest consumer products. The most ecological lawn mowers, they say, include low emissions and good mulching capabilities. They mention electric and gas mowers here: Black & Decker SPCM 1936, Black & Decker MM875, Toro Super Recycler 20092, Honda HRR216K7VXA, Toro Recycler 20333 and Lehr LM139SP.
5. J.D. Power & Associates
Aug. 30, 2012
2012 Walk-Behind Lawn Mower Satisfaction Report
by Editors of J.D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentIn their 2012 walk-behind lawn mower satisfaction report, editors say that durability and convenience are the two most important factors that contribute to overall satisfaction. Only six brands make their way to the index (down from 10 the year before). John Deere, Toro and Troy-Bilt are the leading brands.
6. J.D. Power & Associates
April 27, 2011
Although Ease of Use Is of Primary Importance in Satisfaction with Lawn Mowers, Fewer than One in 10 Owners Factor It into Their Purchase Decision
by Editors of J. D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentAccording to J.D. Power and Associates, lawn mower ease of use is the most important element to customers but most owners base their purchasing decision on price and brand recognition. Customers say that how easy a mower is to use, how durable it is and how well it performs are a few of the most important factors in lawn mower satisfaction. Honda tops the list, followed by John Deere, Husqvarna and Snapper.
7. HomeDepot.com
As of June 2014
Lawn Mowers
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHomeDepot.com offers a wide variety of lawn mowers, including reel mowers, push lawn mowers and, their most popular type, self-propelled mowers. Hundreds of users provide feedback, many writing detailed lists of pros and cons. Honda, Husqvarna, Toro and Ariens are a few of the brands sold on the site. Reviews from manufacturer websites (including Toro.com) are included in the user comments.
8. Family Handyman
Not Dated
Best Cordless Lawn Mower
by Editors of FamilyHandyman.com
Our AssessmentThe Family Handyman discusses cordless electric mowers, their various features and how to determine which is best suited to your needs. Seven specific models are recommended. Each is given a brief review but none are rated and it isn't clear if any others were tested.
Noise! It Would Take 17 Brill Reel Mowers to Make the Noise of the Quietest Gas Lawnmower
by Editors of PeoplePoweredMachines.com
Our AssessmentEditors measure the noise level of 18 walk-behind lawn mowers and chart them in order from quietest to loudest. A Brill manual reel mower makes the least amount of noise -- at 55 decibels -- while a self-propelled Husqvarna is the loudest, measuring 82 decibels. The chart doesn't include any of the specific models in this report, but it's a good reference for how much noise to expect from each class of mowers.
10. Lowes.com
As of June 2014
Lawn Mowers
by Contributors to Lowes.com
Our AssessmentLowes.com has a small selection of reel, cordless electric and corded electric lawn mowers, but its biggest selection is gas push mowers. Owners can rate and review lawn mowers here, and Lowes.com summarizes a list of the most common pros and cons for each model.
11. Amazon.com
As of June 2014
Push Lawn Mowers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com carries a full selection of walk-behind mowers from brands such as Earthwise, Husqvarna, Rotary, Simplicity and Sun Joe. Reviews on battery, corded, gasoline and manual lawn mowers can be found here; electric mowers are reviewed most often. Some of the models have more than 100 reviews for a well-rounded critique, and a few have several hundred reviews.
12. MowersDirect.com
As of June 2014
Walk Behind Mowers
by Editors of and contributors to MowersDirect.com
Our AssessmentEditors give each mower a letter rating, listing the advantages and unique attributes of each model. Videos are also included for many models showing the equipment in use. Users can also comment on different models here and rate them on a five-star scale. The site lists more than 160 walk-behind mowers of all types by brands such as Husqvarna, Greenworks, Remington, Toro and Honda.
13. Walmart.com
As of June 2014
Lawn Mowers
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com carries brands such as Remington, Yard Machines, Fiskars and Murray in its lineup of push, self-propelled and riding lawn mowers. Most have fewer than 50 reviews, but a few popular models have several hundred comments.
14. Sears.com
As of June 2014
Lawn Mowers
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentSears.com includes a helpful guide to narrow down lawn mower options based on how many hills and obstacles are on your lawn, what type of power source you want, engine brand and CARB-certified, which means it is certified by the California Air Resources Board. Only a handful of models have more than 50 user reviews. The top brands on this site are Craftsman and Black & Decker.
15. 10rate.com
Not Dated
Best Push Mowers: Top 10 Rated Push/Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers 2014
by Steve Holdgren
Our AssessmentStemming from a company that creates white papers on electronics and appliances, testers at 10Rate.com use hands-on experience, owner reviews and model specifications to assemble top-10 lists on home, sports and garden products. For the list of the 10 best push mowers, reviewer Steve Holdgren considers power, cutting ability in all three modes, versatility and maneuverability in his evaluation of lawn mowers, but he doesn't talk about how he tests each model.
16. Bestcovery.com
Aug. 1, 2013
Best Lawn Mower
by "Dan Y"
Our AssessmentBestcovery.com lists the top five mowers in each of several categories, including gas, electric, budget, self-propelled and reel mowers. Each of the recommended mowers is given a brief review and an overall rating. Testing methods aren't clear, however.
17. TopTenReviews.com
Not Dated
2014 Best Electric Mower Comparisons and Reviews
by Editors of TopTenReviews.com
Our AssessmentTopTenReviews.com rates and reviews 10 electric mowers, giving each an overall rating out of 10. Each model is given a full review with a breakdown of its features but it isn't clear whether they were tested. Top models here are similar to those listed at other websites. Reviews for push, self-propelled and gas lawn mowers are also available in separate reports.
18. TopTenReviews.com
Not Dated
Gas Lawn Mowers
by Editors of TopTenReviews.com
Our AssessmentTopTenReviews.com lists the top 10 gas lawn mowers of 2014. Each is given a brief write-up. Models are not ranked and rating criteria isn't clear, however. Some of these are included in other reviews at the site.
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