April 2014
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Est. $1700
John Deere D110

  • Very good bagging, mulching and cutting
  • Capable of light-duty jobs, plowing snow
  • Easy to handle
  • Some transmission problems
  • No cruise control
  • Wider turning radius

Bottom line

Reviewers say the John Deere D110 is a clean-cutting mower that mulches and bags almost as well as much pricier models. It ranks at the top of the light-duty class with a smooth hydrostatic transmission and easy maneuvering. Most owners agree the D110 is well built and durable with proper maintenance, though a few wish for a tighter turning radius and cruise control.


A solid choice for light-duty mowing. One expert calls the John Deere D110 "sure-footed going up and down hills, over roots, and around any obstacle." The 18-inch turning radius is fairly standard in this class, but a few reviewers note there are models capable of tighter turns. Most praise the D110 for even cutting and smooth clipping dispersal. Experts also say the mower "mulched impressively," and few report issues with the 5.5 mph maximum speed. Overall, the John Deere brand has a low percentage of serious problems, according to an expert survey. Most owners agree the D110 is well built, but quite a few complain about transmission problems. The D110 comes with a two-year or 120-hour warranty.

Ease of use

Easy-to-control speed. The John Deere D110 gets high ease-of-use scores in expert tests. Reviewers praise the mower's hydrostatic engine, which lets the rider go faster or slower by simply pushing the pedal instead of shifting gears. They say the mower is easy to start and maneuver, though experts note it lacks an electric power takeoff and requires the operator to pull a lever to use the blade. It does not have cruise control.  The D110 has a cup holder and anti-vibration rubber footpads. The seat can be adjusted to any one of 10 positions, though some wish it had a higher back. Service timetables are provided in the operator's manual, and most consumers say the mower is easy to maintain.


Lots of safety features. The John Deere D110 uses a reverse implement option (RIO) for mowing in reverse. The driver must come to a full stop, push the RIO button and shift into reverse, and the button resets each time you shift into a forward gear. An operator-presence mechanism must sense an operator's weight on the seat for the engine to run if the parking brake is disengaged. The D110 also requires the brake to be engaged and attachments disengaged before the engine will run. About 15,500 mowers including the D110 were recalled in September 2011 for issues with the brake assembly on the mower blade, but no injuries were reported. Owners have mixed opinions on noise, and no experts weigh in.

Our Sources


Editors field-test how well the John Deere D110 bags, mulches and side-discharges as part of a large review of lawn tractors and mowers. They comment on steering, maneuverability, comfort and features of each model. The report includes ratings and reviews from D110 owners as well as brand-reliability rankings.

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Sikkema names the John Deere D110 one of the best lawn tractors of 2014. A linked full review calls it durable and a good choice for lawns up to 1.5 acres. It works well with most attachments, the review says, but there are models with a better turning radius.

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The John Deere D110 earns praise for its hydrostatic drive transmission, speed, range of features and resale value. The 18-inch turning radius is somewhat limiting, the review notes.

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The D110 earns 4 stars out of 5 in this roundup, with reviewers praising the steering, "foot-pedal hydrostatic drive and a PTO (power takeoff) lever by the steering wheel." They list a few issues in the lawn tractor's "insubstantial" construction, but call them only "minor complaints."

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More than 150 users review the D110, giving it 4.4 stars out of 5. While many are pleased with the lawn tractor's performance and it gets a 90 percent recommendation rate, a few owners complain about its transmission.

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Most of the roughly 110 owners who review the D110 call it durable and high quality, saying it performs well on hills and when towing a garden cart. Ratings aren't quite as high here as at, and some of these posts come from

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About 40 owners rate and review the D110, although some of this feedback also appears at Users give the lawn tractor 4.1 stars out of 5 and more than 75 percent say they recommend this model. It gets the highest marks for being easy to use.

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