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Lawn Tractors: Ratings of Sources

1. Lawn Mowers & Tractors, Editors of, Not Dated
This is the unabridged review of riding mowers done by It includes the models just tested as well as those tested in previous seasons, many of which remain current. Lawn tractors, wide-deck tractors, zero-turn mowers and rear-engine riders are rated and ranked against similar models. Each model is field-tested to see how well it cuts, bags and mulches. Comfort, usability and handling are included in each machine's overall score.
2. Pick the best riding mower for your property, Ed Perratore, March 18, 2016
This article, which is free even for non-subscribers, provides the top-line results from's latest round of lawn tractor testing. Top tractors, top riding mowers with wider decks, and the best zero-turn mowers are named. Links are provided to full reviews, but those do require a subscription.
3. The Best Lawn, Yard and Garden Tractors For 2015, Paul Sikkema, Mar. 15, 2015
Site author Paul Sikkema owns a large landscaping company and buys, fixes and sells used riding mowers and lawn tractors. His comprehensive guide to investing in a new lawn tractor includes estimates on how long it will take to mow your yard and detailed comparisons of many models. He also discusses many tractors' pros and cons, but doesn't say whether he tests each one. Elsewhere on this site Sikkema reviews specific models or mower series'.
4. The Best Residential and Prosumer Zero-Turns For 2016, Paul Sikkema, Not Dated
Here, Sikkema offers his take on the top zero-turn mowers. Some reviews are recent, others are older despite the 2016 date. Of note, Sikkema gives special kudos to certain zero-turn mowers from Cub Cadet and Toro because they use a steering wheel rather than a lap bar system for steering -- overcoming some of the biggest drawbacks of typical zero-turn mowers.
5. Popular Mechanics The 5 Best New Lawnmowers, Roy Berendsohn, Mar. 31, 2015
Popular Mechanics tests "the best new machines on the market" on the same lawn for an entire mowing season and shares its impressions in a gallery of capsule reviews. Despite the article's title, only three riding mowers are tested, but also included is a tractor they want to test next as well as a self-propelled push mower "For the small of lawn or stout of heart."
6. Riding Lawn Mowers, Contributors to, As of May 2016
Credibility: is a popular destination for lawn care products of all kinds, and lawn tractors are no exception. Mowers are separated into categories, such as riding mowers, zero turn mowers and mower accessories. While many reviews are unique to, others are culled from the manufacturer's website. With that caveat in mind, remains useful as a good percentage of reviews are still unique to the site.
7. Riding Lawn Mowers, Contributors to, As of May 2016
Credibility: lets customers leave reviews of products they buy. They provide ratings, list high and low points and add whether or not they would recommend their riding mower to a friend. While many of the reviews are written by users, some are also sourced from the manufacturer's web site and are the same as can be read there -- and on other sites across the Internet.
8. Riding Lawn Mowers, Jose Castellanos and Contributors to, As of May 2016
Credibility: sells walk-behind mowers, riding mowers and other lawn-care products. Each product listing provides specs, details on features and a rating. Though there are typically fewer user reviews for specific models than seen at or, all look to be unique to the site. In addition, some models receive a review and rating from house expert Jose Castellanos.
9. Riding Mowers & Tractors, Contributors to, As of May 2016
Credibility: publishes owner ratings and reviews of the lawn tractors, garden tractors, zero-turn mowers and rear-engine riding mowers sold here. Most models receive little feedback, but others attract dozens and sometimes over 100 reviews. Though there are better places to find reviews of other brands, is a must-check resource for reviews of Craftsman riding mowers and lawn tractors.
10. Riding Mowers, Contributors to, As of May 2016
John Deere tractors are mainly sold through dealers that don't conduct business online, so is helpful in learning about user satisfaction with the company's riding mowers. You can't easily compare products side by side here, but you can see the average consumer score for each model after clicking on the page. Along with comments, posts include length of ownership, usage frequency and level of expertise. There's enough negative feedback to ensure that comments aren't being censored, so credibility is on a par with better retail sites that post user reviews.
11. Lawn & Garden Tractor Reviews, Geof Fowler, As of May 2016
Credibility: is a news and review site for all things tractor related, including some lawn and garden tractors. Reviews are hands-on, but tend to reflect ergonomics and features rather than cutting performance, and most seem to be relatively positive. Still, if a riding mower you are considering is among those that reviewer Geof Fowler has taken out for a spin, this site is worth a visit to get his knowledgeable first-hand impressions.
12. Riding Lawn Mowers, Contributors to, As of May 2016
Credibility: is a great resource for most products, but it's not a prime destination for those looking for riding mowers and lawn tractors. That said, there are a few lawn tractors with at least a little feedback in the Riding Lawn Mowers category, along with a lot of tractor accessories and some push mowers that come along for the ride somehow. Still, it might be worth a look here to see if a lawn tractor you are considering has some feedback. On the plus side, the reviews that are posted here tend to be longer and more detailed then what we typically see elsewhere.