Troy-Bilt TB30R Review

Troy-Bilt TB30R Review
Bottom Line

If your property and budget are small, experts and owners say that the Troy-Bilt TB30R can come up big. It's an impressive grass cutter compared to most machines in its price range, though you'll be emptying the small bags often if you'd rather collect the clippings than mulch or just disperse them. The manual transmission translates to jerkier handling, one report says, and some owners caution against mowing on slopes, though the mower is judged easy to use by most.

ProsVery good mulching, Very good when discharging clippings to the side, Comfortable seatConsPoorer performance when bagging, Manual transmission, Wide turn radius

Breaking it down


Two out of three ain't bad. That's the view of most expert reviewers and owners, who say that the Troy-Bilt TB30R is a very good performer when it comes to mulching clippings or just discharging them out the side. Things get a little dicey when it comes to bagging, however. Jose Castellanos, product expert at says that the TB30R "sucks up grass clippings, leaves, and pine needles from your lawn." The problem lies in what happens afterwards as another reviewer notes that the twin bags that hold the clippings are small, fill up quickly, and don't fill to capacity. Though there aren't a ton of user comments regarding bagging, we spotted a few that second those opinions. Note that this mower is offered in two essentially identical versions. The 13CC26JD011 uses a Briggs & Stratton engine and is sold exclusively at Lowes. Troy-Bilt and independent dealers sell the 13B226JD066, which uses a Troy-Bilt branded engine. Regardless, feedback on both versions is identical.

Ease of use

Jerky handling. Most experts and users laud the TB30R for its ease of use. The compact size fits places where large lawn tractors won't -- such as between closely spaced trees and through suburban fence gates. It's also easier to find a spot for it in a garage or shed for storage. The seat is high-backed, pivots, and is generally judged to be comfortable. If there's a drawback, it's that the TB30R uses a manual transmission rather than an automatic transmission as is typical on pricier models. That translates to jerkier handling, one expert says. Several owners find the transmission to be hard to use as well, though most report no issues.


Stay level. That's the advice of several owners at, who note that while the TB30R does fine on a flat lawn, it feels unstable or even dangerous when called on to mow slopes. That's typical for rear-engine riding mowers like the TB30R, however, and the manufacturer recommends not mowing on slopes if you feel uneasy doing so, and warns against mowing on any slope greater than 12 degrees (most front-engine lawn tractors can handle larger slopes -- typically 15 degrees). A gauge to help determine the slope is provided in the manual. The mower has the typical safety interlocks to prevent unsafe operation. That includes interlocks that prevent starting unless the parking brake is on and the power take off (PTO) is disengaged, and that turn off the mower if the operator leaves the seat and the parking brake is off or the PTO is engaged. The engine will also turn off if the bagger, deck chute or mulch plug (depending on the mowing mode) is removed. Noise issues go largely unaddressed by experts and users.

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