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Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum

Est. $150
May 2014
by ConsumerSearch
Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum

  • Lightweight
  • Easy switch from sweeper to vacuum
  • Mulches six bags of leaves to one
  • Can't move wet, heavy leaves

Bottom line

For a choice that makes short work of simple tasks, reviewers recommend the Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum. Owners use it both indoors and out on leaves, dust, clippings and even pet hair. Some complain that the power output is too weak, but others point out the model is not meant to duplicate the work of a gas blower. The unit's mulching performance draws praise, and it has a relatively long, three-year warranty. You can purchase it without the battery at about half the price (Est. $75).


Plenty of power for low-volume jobs. Reviewers say the Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum is a nicely powered tool. True, it won't do the work of a heavy-duty gas or corded model, but users say it's great for routine cleaning of patios, garages and even indoor entryways. Owners find that it effectively vacuums pet hair, leaves and grass clippings. Joe Delulio,'s product expert, adds that it makes numerous leaf bags "a thing of the past" because it mulches six bags of leaves into one. Some note that it can't handle wet leaves, but it does have a built-in scraper for loosening stuck-on debris.

Ease of use

Lightweight and handy. Weighing just 5.4 pounds in blowing mode and 6. 9 pounds in vacuum mode, the Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum is considered a compact, handy tool. Reviewers say it changes very easily from blower to vacuum, and many find it relatively quiet, with its rating of less than 65 decibels. The battery runs for up to 30 minutes and charges completely in one to two hours, which owners largely agree is pretty quick. In addition, the "Power Command" controls let you adjust the speed for either maximum run time or maximum power. The unit is sold with or without a battery and charger.


Solid warranty, interchangeable battery. Users largely find the Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum well-made and durable, even though some point out that Black & Decker is not the biggest name in lawn and garden products. Nevertheless, the manufacturer's warranty covers the model for three years, which surpasses the typical two-year warranty on similar products. The Sweeper/Vacuum can be bought with the battery and charger, but those who use other Black & Decker 40V cordless tools can use the battery and charger they already own. Buying the Sweeper/Vacuum without those components will save you about half the cost of the fully loaded model (Est. $75).

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The Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum earns an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from nearly 190 users posting to Users say it's lightweight and convenient and has plenty of power for small jobs, but some note it cannot handle large or heavy-duty tasks.

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Joe Delulio calls the Black & Decker 40V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum "simple and quick" and says it switches easily from sweeper to vacuum. He also likes that it compacts six bags of leaves into one. A handful of owners give the model an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Review: Black & Decker 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Sweeper/Vacuum, Joe Delulio and contributors to, As of May 2014

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