EGO LB4801 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower Review

Bottom Line

If you want the best in performance and convenience, reviewers recommend the 56-volt EGO LB4801 cordless blower. It performs admirably in testing, sweeping away even embedded debris in lawns as well as the best corded electric blowers, and it can hold its own against light duty gas models. It's also relatively inexpensive for a cordless model. The run time at the highest speed is limited, though it can go for up to an hour at the lowest setting.

ProsExcellent sweeping performance, Easy to handle, Very quiet, Long warrantyConsDoesn't vacuum or mulch, Warranty may not be honored if not bought from an authorized retailer

Breaking it down


Lots of power. The EGO LB4801 is considered very powerful for a cordless model. In comparative testing it performs as well or better than some corded electric blowers, with enough air moving power -- 480 cfm of volume at speeds up to 92 mph -- to clean out areas with "literally years of caked up decomposition and dirt," reports Clint DeBoer at The downside is that run time at the highest speeds are limited to about 10 minutes, though for typical light duty tasks such as sweeping sidewalks, driveways and decks, the rechargeable 56-volt lithium-ion batteries can keep going for up to an hour. Some people solve the run-time issue by purchasing a spare battery when one runs down.

Ease of use

Quiet and maneuverable. While no leaf blower is silent -- or even very quiet -- if you value peace and tranquility, the EGO LB4801 is among the top options. It's so quiet that one independent reviewer says that noise levels are low enough that hearing protection is not needed -- something that can be said of few other blowers. Most experts and many users describe the EGO blower as easy to handle and control, but DeBoer notes that it's hard to pick up the blower by its otherwise convenient handle without accidentally activating it. However, he adds that "This wasn't more than a small issue overall."


Great warranty, with a caveat. This EGO blower is covered by a long five-year warranty, but the company will only honor that if you buy from an authorized retailer. This was an issue that surprised and disappointed some users when the primary authorized dealer was, but that has now expanded to include a number of additional local and national dealers, including Otherwise durability looks good; while reports of faulty blowers are not unheard of, the majority of complaints we spotted were about the short run time on high speed. The battery is swappable, and spares -- the EGO BA1120 56-Volt 2.0 Ah Battery (Est. $130) -- are available (Est. $130). EGO garden tools all can accept the same batteries (and more powerful versions are available as well), so if you already own such EGO equipment and batteries, you can buy the bare blower (minus the battery) for around $100.

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Clint DeBoer looks at the entire line of EGO outdoor equipment at, a site that hosts reviews of tools for pros and homeowners. Of the LB4801, he says that you should not buy another cordless leaf blower before checking out this model as it impressed him and everyone else that looked at it. DeBoer adds that it "all but overshadows what else is currently available on the market," and that when run side by side with other cordless blowers, "the competition gets a little embarrassed."