3M LED Advanced Light RRA19B3 Review

Updated January 31, 2014
3M LED Advanced Light RRA19B3
Bottom Line

The 3M LED Advanced Light RRA19B3 is a good all-around performer. It's not the least expensive or the most efficient LED bulb available, but it distributes light evenly and holds up well under testing. Like most LED bulbs, it's dimmable but not compatible with every dimmer switch, and it won't work in enclosed fixtures. Although it's rated for 27,500 hours of use, its warranty period is only five years -- half that of its top-rated competitors.


On the bright side. At 850 lumens, the 3M bulb is brighter than the Best Reviewed Cree 60-watt Replacement LED Soft White (Est. $13) . It also produces a somewhat cooler light at 3,000K. Professional testers give the 3M bulb excellent marks for its brightness and even light distribution. Several mention its unique design, which some reviewers describe as "cool" and others as "weird-looking." However, it is close enough in overall shape to an incandescent bulb to fit in most lamps. It can't be used in a fully enclosed fixture, and it occasionally flickers when used with a dimmer switch.

ProsBrighter than average, Good light distribution, Convenient shape, 5-year warrantyConsMay not work well with dimmers, Not compatible with enclosed fixtures


A little pricey. David Pogue of The New York Times doesn't recommend the 3M bulb because, although he's impressed with its performance, he finds the $25 price tag "unnecessarily expensive." The price of the bulb has now dropped to $20, but it still costs more than some competitors and isn't nearly as efficient as the Cree bulb. On the plus side, expert testers find the bulb very durable, holding up well to repeated on-off cycling. Its rated lifespan of 27,500 hours is longer than the Cree's, but its shorter warranty makes us wonder whether 3M really stands behind its product.

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