Cree 60-watt Replacement LED Soft White Review

Updated January 31, 2014
Cree 60-watt Replacement LED Soft White
Bottom Line

Of all the high-efficiency bulbs we've reviewed, the Cree 60-watt Replacement LED Soft White is the closest to an incandescent bulb in shape and light output. It's also the best overall value we've seen: It costs about $13 and uses only 9.5 watts, yet will last as long as 25,000 hours. It may not fit in all fixtures, however, and its performance with a dimmer switch is iffy.


Just like an incandescent, only more efficient. Reviewers like that the Cree bulb is so similar to the familiar incandescent bulb. It produces a warm light with a color temperature of 2,700K, and most say it's well distributed aside from a dark spot on the bottom that's visible if the bulb is exposed. Users also like the bulb's traditional shape, which allows it to fit almost anywhere an incandescent can, although it may stick out a bit. The bulb's biggest weakness is its performance on a dimmer switch. Some users report that it doesn't dim fully or smoothly, and others complain that it makes a loud humming noise.

ProsBest price for an LED, Energy Star rated, Convenient shape, 10-year warrantyConsMay not work well with dimmers, Incompatible with enclosed fixtures


Great price. At about $13 per bulb, the Cree is the cheapest LED bulb on the market. Moreover, since it's Energy Star rated, it may qualify for rebates in some areas, lowering the price even more. Its operating costs are extremely low, as well. It uses only 9.5 watts of electricity to produce 800 lumens and its estimated lifespan is 25,000 hours, a claim the manufacturer supports with a top-notch 10-year warranty. A few users express concern that the shatter-resistant silicon coating on the bulb tends to peel off easily, but the bulb will still work without it. Cree warns against using the bulb in a fully enclosed fixture.

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