Cree BR30 LED Floodlight Review

Updated January 31, 2014
Cree BR30 LED Floodlight
Bottom Line

The Cree BR30 LED Floodlight is ideal for use in a recessed fixture. Its 650-lumen output matches that of a 65-watt floodlight bulb, but the Cree gives off much less heat, which is a big plus in the summertime. Reviewers love the warm light these bulbs give off, as well as their low energy use, but some users say they don't perform well on a dimmer switch.


Warm light, cool bulb. Nearly all reviewers are impressed with the quality of the Cree BR30's light output. Several call its warm, 2,700K color temperature "perfect," and multiple users praise the bulb's color rendering. The main complaint about these bulbs is that they don't work well with a dimmer or aren't compatible with every dimmer switch. Some users were able to make the BR30 work with a dimmer, but it only dimmed down 30 to 50 percent and the dimming action wasn't smooth. In addition, some users say the bulbs flicker slightly on dimmed or full-brightness settings.

ProsEnergy Star-rated, Bulbs stay cool, Warm, bright light, 10-year warrantyConsMay not work well with dimmers, Tight fit for a can fixture


A bit pricey. At $20 each, these aren't the priciest LED floodlights on the market, but they aren't the cheapest, either. However, with its very low energy use of 9.5 watts, the BR30 is considered by most reviewers to be a good long-term investment. The bulb has a lifetime rating of 25,000 hours, and Cree backs it with a 10-year warranty. Like the Cree 60-watt Replacement LED Soft White (Est. $13) , this bulb is covered in a silicon coating designed to prevent shattering. However, one user warns that this film tears easily, and tearing it off makes the bulb very fragile. The BR30 may also be a tight fit in a can fixture.

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The Cree BR30 LED Floodlight gets about 160 reviews at, and an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Owners praise the bulb's warm, bright light and low energy use. Some complain that it doesn't dim smoothly, but 95 percent of reviewers would recommend it.


CREE BR30 LED Review, Don Rathbun, Oct. 26, 2013

Blogger Dan Rathbun names the Cree BR30 LED Floodlight "my new favorite bulb," based on his experience with the six bulbs he bought. He calls the light color "perfect," and loves the way these cool-touch bulbs don't heat up his kitchen.