Feit EcoBulb Twist 60 watt equivalent Review

Updated January 31, 2014
Feit EcoBulb Twist 60 watt equivalent
Bottom Line

The Feit EcoBulb Twist 60 watt equivalent costs slightly more than the Best Reviewed GE Energy Smart Spiral CFL 13W (Est. $13 for 8) , but it has a few advantages over the GE bulb. It's slightly brighter at 900 lumens and uses the same 13 watts of power. We didn't see quite as many complaints about its durability -- though there are some -- but its warm-up time is even longer than the GE's.


Plenty of light, if you're willing to wait. At 900 lumens, the Feit bulb is significantly brighter than a 60-watt incandescent, and professional testers give it good ratings for light distribution. Good Housekeeping says its results in their lab tests were "near perfect," and another evaluation rates it above average. However, the Feit bulb takes a very long time to reach its full brightness, more than 30 seconds in one test and nearly two minutes in another. The long warm-up time is users' primary complaint about this bulb. Like most CFLs, it's not dimmable, but it can be used in a fully enclosed fixture.

ProsEnergy Star-rated, Bright, Good light distributionConsNot dimmable, Wears out quickly, Very slow to warm up


May not last long. At $2 each, the Feit EcoBulb is quite reasonably priced. Its efficiency is excellent, as well; editors at Good Housekeeping say it even outperforms many LED bulbs. However, the EcoBulb's lifespan is questionable. It's rated for 10,000 hours of use, but one lab test shows that switching the bulb on and off frequently will shorten its life significantly. (Interestingly, the other professional test did not find this problem.) User reviews include many complaints about bulbs burning out prematurely, and one owner says at Amazon.com that the base of the bulb melted.

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