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Philips Halogena Energy Saver (70-watt)

*Est. $12 for two
September 2010
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Philips Halogena Energy Saver (70-watt)

  • Uses less energy than an incandescent bulb
  • No mercury
  • Immediate maximum brightness
  • Can be used with dimmers
  • Two-year warranty
  • Not as energy efficient as CFLs
  • Shorter life expectancy than CFLs
  • More expensive than CFLs
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Halogen light bulbs offer a midpoint in energy efficiency between compact fluorescents and regular incandescent bulbs. A halogen bulb's advantages over a compact fluorescent are that it instantly reaches peak brightness, it can be used with dimmers, its life isn't affected by frequent on-off activity and it contains no mercury. A 2008 testing of 21 energy-efficient light bulbs by The New York Times rates the Philips Halogena as best, saying the brightness is "warmer" than an incandescent bulb. Its pear shape is similar to that of incandescent bulbs, so lampshades can clip to it. The Philips Halogena fits most medium-base fixtures and has a life expectancy of two years assuming four hours' use per day. The 70-watt Philips Halogena Energy Saver puts out about as much light as a 100-watt bulb. A 40-watt version is also available; it puts out as much light as a 60-watt bulb. If you are seeking the best energy efficiency, you'll want a compact fluorescent bulb, and reviews favor the EcoSmart (formerly N:Vision) Soft White (*Est. $8 for four).

The New York Times includes the Philips Halogena light bulb in its test of 21 bulbs. We found a helpful but less comparative review at A few owners on give the Philips Halogena high ratings, noting that the light is less harsh than that of CFL bulbs.

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Philips 70-Watt T60 Halogena Energy Saver Light Bulb, 2 Pack

 (13 reviews)
Buy new: $11.99   


Our Sources

1. The New York Times

A panel of New York Times staffers evaluates 21 light bulbs, although only the top six are included in an accompanying chart. The Philips Halogena is rated best and is described as having "full-bodied color, like a good wine."

Review: Any Other Bright Ideas?, Julie Scelfo, Jan. 10, 2008


At the bottom of this page, blogger Omar Shahine tries the Philips Halogena and "can't be happier" in using them. He notes that they offer a midpoint in energy savings between compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Review: More on CFLs, Omar Shahine, November 2007


Only a few owners have reviewed the Philips Halogena Energy Saver. The overall rating is a so-so 3.5 stars out of 5. Many are completely satisfied, but a couple say their light bulbs failed very prematurely.

Review: Philips 70-Watt T60 Halogena Energy Saver Light Bulb, Contributors to

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