Pioneer Review

Updated April 30, 2013
pioneer telephone

Pioneer (Est. 2.7 cents per minute) is one of the oldest long-distance companies for those living in much of the United States, and it competes well with ECG, the top-rated long-distance company. While Pioneer has a low 2.7-cent state-to-state rate, reviewers point to the company's one-minute billing increments as its major drawback -- in other words, a call lasting one minute and one second gets billed at two minutes.

Plans and PricingProsCompetitive per-minute pricing, Variety of plans, Discount for calling other Pioneer customersConsNot available in all areas, Extra charge for paper billing, Billing by the minute

Customer Service

Average customer support. As with ECG, your location must be served by a current or former Baby Bell company (like Verizon or AT&T), so about 15 percent of the country won't be able to access Pioneer. Customer service is available by toll-free phone Monday to Friday, or anytime by email or fax.

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