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Mandolines: Ratings of Sources

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1. Cook's Illustrated
May/June 2014
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated
Our AssessmentEditors of Cook's Illustrated test nine mandolines by slicing and/or julienning potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and zucchini. Each is tested for performance, safety, and ease of use and cleaning. Two slicers are Highly Recommended, two are Recommended, one is Recommended with Reservations and four are Not Recommended.
May 1, 2014
The Best Mandoline
by Lesley Stockton
Our AssessmentIn this thorough roundup, Lesley Stockton, an experienced cook, put in more than 30 hours of research and testing of 11 popular mandolines. She consults experts, looks at roundups and reviews, and tests each mandoline slicer in the kitchen. Ultimately, she chooses the Swissmar Börner as the top mandoline, with the Super Benriner as the best for pros or experienced cooks, and the KitchenAid Classic V-Slicer as a good, basic pick; however, the KitchenAid mandoline has since been discontinued by the manufacturer.
3. Good Housekeeping
August 2013
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentThe Good Housekeeping Research Institute tests two dozen mandolines and slicers in this report, giving each model a letter grade. Actual testing methods aren't given, but editors say the scores are a combination of lab tests and they incorporate consumer feedback. Details on each mandoline includes a list of pros and cons and a short write-up. The top two mandoline slicers have since been discontinued, however, though others remain current.
Not Dated
by Editors of
Our AssessmentEditors review food processors, blenders and mandolines at Each mandoline slicer is extensively tested. Editors score each and list which they recommend along with those to avoid. Photos show how well they slice a variety of foods with various blades. The Kyocera Adjustable Slicer is named the best hand-held model, and the Borner V-Slicer Plus is the top pick among full-sized mandolines.
As of November 2014
Mandolines and Slicers
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThousands of mandolines and slicers are available at, and quite a few get hundreds or even thousands of reviews. Mandolines also tend to get very good ratings overall. Top brands include Benriner, Swissmar Borner, OXO and Kitchen Elite. This is the best resource for how a mandoline or slicer performs over time, and in real-world use as a prep tool.
As of November 2014
Mandolines and Slicers
by Contributors to
Our sells mandolines, spiral slicers and a few other slicing tools. They have many fewer reviews than slicers at, and reviews tend to be quite brief. Kyocera, Progressive and OXO are the top-rated brands.
7. Cook's Illustrated
September/October 2014
Spiral Slicers (Spiralizers)
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated
Our AssessmentAlthough the editors of Cook's Illustrated initially question if you really need a tool only for making vegetable garnish, they become fans after testing three spiralizers on a variety of fruits and vegetables. One is Recommended, one is Recommended with Reservations and one is Not Recommended.
June 4, 2013
Product Review: Paderno Spiral Slicer
by Rachael Maresh
Our AssessmentRachael Maresh gives the Paderno Spiral Slicer a thorough review in her blog about the Paleo lifestyle. Accompanied by a wealth of photographs, Maresh details her first experience with the spiralizer, from set up to using it on beets, zucchini, carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes and cucumbers, and then on to clean up. The blog post contains tips for getting the most out of the Paderno. In the comments section, she notes that it's still going strong a year later.

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