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Mandolines: Ratings of Sources

Total of 14 Sources
1. AmericasTestKitchen.com
Not Dated
by Editors of America's Test Kitchen
Our AssessmentEditors include 13 mandolines in this comparison, with both professionals and novices testing the kitchen tools. Mandolines are rated on their ability to make straight, julienne and waffle cuts, as well as their safety features and overall value. Results are available to subscribers.
2. Good Housekeeping
August 2013
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentThe Good Housekeeping Research Institute tests two dozen mandolines and slicers in this report, giving each model a letter grade. Actual testing methods aren't given, but editors say the scores are a combination of lab tests and they incorporate consumer feedback. Details on each mandoline include a list of pros and cons and a short write-up. The top two slicers are the KitchenAid V-Slicer Hand Held Mandoline and Zyliss Smart Guard Gourmet Mandoline.
3. KitchenAudition.com
Not Dated
by Editors of KitchenAudition.com
Our AssessmentEditors review food processors, blenders and mandolines at KitchenAudition.com. Each mandoline model is extensively tested. Editors score each and list which they recommend along with those to avoid. Photos show how well they slice a variety of foods with different blades. The Kyocera Adjustable Slicer is named the best hand-held model, and the Borner V-Slicer Plus gets the top pick for full-sized units.
4. TheKitchn.com
Not Dated
by Editors of TheKitchn.com
Our AssessmentIn addition to providing recipes and cooking information, TheKitchn.com editors thoroughly test and review a number of kitchen tools. The Benriner Japanese Mandoline is named their favorite for its inexpensive price and professional-grade performance. Editors also approve of the Chef'n SleekSlice Collapsible Hand-Held Mandoline and report the Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer broke after only a few uses.
5. Amazon.com
As of October 2013
Mandolines and Slicers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentThousands of mandolines and slicers are available at Amazon.com, and about two dozen models receive a significant number of reviews. Top brands include Benriner, Swissmar Borner and Kyocera.
6. Cooking.com
As of October 2013
by Contributors to Cooking.com
Our AssessmentCooking.com includes reviews from its partners as well, including websites for The Food Network and Epicurious.com. Kyocera's Double-Edged Mandoline Slicer is the top rated, with 4.5 stars from about 50 owners. The Oxo Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer and Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline also receive noteworthy scores.
7. Williams-Sonoma.com
As of October 2013
Mandolines and Slicers
by Contributors to Williams-Sonoma.com
Our AssessmentTwo dozen mandolines, choppers and slicers are available at Williams-Sonoma.com, though less than half have more than 20 user reviews. The de Buyer Adjustable Slicer attains the top score, followed by the de Buyer Mandoline. The Oxo V-Blade Mandoline receives the most reviews, but an average score of fewer than 4 stars.
8. ChefsCatalog.com
As of October 2013
Kitchen Tools: Mandolines, Peelers and Graters
by Contributors to ChefsCatalog.com
Our AssessmentA handful of mandolines are available here among the peelers and graters, but only two models have more than a dozen reviews. The Commercial Stainless Steel Mandoline garners 4.3 stars from about 100 reviews, and the Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer has a 3.8-star rating from about 30 reviews.
9. Chow.com
June 6, 2007
Cut It Out
by Louisa Chu
Our AssessmentJapanese-style mandolines are out-competing French mandolines, according to Louisa Chu, and Benriner is the leading brand. She recommends the Super Benriner Asian Mandoline and Benriner's Turning Slicer, outlining the pros and cons of each in this older review.
10. GadgetsForTheKitchen.com
July 5, 2013
They All Slice or Curl and Some Grate -- Which Should You Choose?
by Editors of GadgetsForTheKitchen.com
Our AssessmentWhen shopping for a new mandoline, safety is a top concern for this GadgetsForTheKitchen.com editor; her article includes information on blade sharpness and safety features. She reviews seven mandolines and one spiral vegetable slicer, using personal experience and feedback from colleagues but no organized testing. The KitchenAid Mandoline, hand-held Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer and the Bron Mandoline slicer receive the most positive feedback.
11. Fine Cooking
Not dated
Test Drive: Mandolines
by Maryellen Driscoll
Our AssessmentEditors tested a dozen mandolines, scoring each on performance, ease of use, safety and construction. Three mandolines make the final cut: Oxo Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline, de Buyer La Mandoline Swing and de Buyer La Mandoline Professionnelle (which is no longer available).
12. ConsumerReports.org
Feb. 15, 2012
Kitchen Gadgets That Perform Any Way You Slice It
by Mary H.J. Farrell
Our AssessmentEditors review three inexpensive mandoline models in this free article. Each mandoline is rated on consistency, ease of use and cleanability, but details are not provided in their full comparison.
13. Epicurious.com
Not Dated
The 10 Most Important Gadgets
by Editors of Epicurious.com
Our AssessmentEditors of Epicurious.com, a website focusing mainly on recipes, list 10 must-have kitchen tools including one mandoline, the de Buyer Mandoline Swing. They do not mention actually testing any of the products.
14. Tibesti.com
Not Dated
Best Mandolines and Mandoline Reviews
by Scott Leibfried
Our AssessmentProfessional culinary expert Scott Leibfried recommends 10 mandolines, listing models by Bron, Shun, La Mandoline, de Buyer and Benriner in the top five. Accompanying each pick is a short write-up, but no testing or specific hands-on trials are mentioned, and it can be difficult to identify the exact model to which he's referring.
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