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Mascara: Ratings of Sources

Total of 29 Sources
1. Beautipedia.com
As of Feb. 2010
by Paula Begoun
Our AssessmentBeauty expert Paula Begoun tests and reviews hundreds of mascaras for her online database, Beautypedia.com. Begoun provides information about effectiveness and ingredients, citing product tests, medical journals and the Food and Drug Administration, among others. Although she is critical of manufacturers' product claims, Begoun praises them for offering a wide variety of "superior mascara choices." She says that there are good mascaras in every price range and that budget-priced options often work just as well as higher-end products.
2. Splendora.com
As of Feb. 2010
Best Mascaras
by Editors of Splendora.com
Our AssessmentThis fashion website consists of beauty blogs, fashion news and product reviews. In this particular review, more than 50 mascaras are compared by beauty editors. Mascaras are judged on overall appearance, brush type, smudge factor and ease of application and removal. Mascara winners are selected from both department store and drugstore categories and a list of runners-up is also given. Unlike many other comparison reviews, a list of all mascaras tested is included at the end of the report.
3. ConsumerReports.org
Jan. 2009
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentThirty-four staff members at ConsumerReports.org test 16 mascaras and rate them on overall performance, durability and ease of application and removal. Although the top-rated mascara is sold in department stores, editors say several drugstore brands perform almost as well.
4. Consumer magazine
May 25, 2007
by Editors of Consumer magazine
Our AssessmentMore than 60 users judge 13 brands of mascara for New Zealand-based Consumer magazine on several factors, including how well they coated lashes, how quickly they wore off and whether they smudged, clumped, flaked or ran. Most of the mascaras tested are available in the United States. Editors say high prices and brand names don't have any effect on the overall quality of mascara, but admit that most of the top-rated products are expensive department store brands. A list of application tips is also provided.
5. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
The Best Waterproof Mascara
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentTesters at Good Housekeeping evaluate 12 waterproof mascaras by splashing mascara-clad eyes with water and putting them through sweaty workouts and teary weddings. Ten of the mascaras are listed as best in their respective categories, but the other two products are not mentioned. Some of the mascaras were not as waterproof as others, but most had other redeeming qualities. Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof is listed as the "best overall." While helpful comments from testers are included, this report would be more useful if the mascaras were ranked and compared to one another.
6. InStyle
April 2009
Best Beauty Buys 2009
by Editors of InStyle magazine
Our AssessmentEditors test thousands of beauty products for InStyle magazine's 14th annual beauty awards. One hundred and forty-nine beauty products are chosen as best in their respective categories. Four mascaras make the list: Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara, L'Oreal Paris Voluminous, Dior DiorShow Backstage Makeup Mascara and Tarte Bottoms Up Lower Lash Mascara. However, products that did not meet their standards are not mentioned, and their testing criteria are unclear.
7. Allure
Oct. 2009
Best of Beauty 2009
by Liana Marraro Schaffner
Our AssessmentAllure editors test thousands of beauty products over the course of several months to find the best in several categories. Products from Cover Girl and Maybelline New York are chosen as best day, night and waterproof mascaras, while Giorgio Armani and Physician's Formula are listed as "best splurge" and "natural wonder," respectively. Mascaras that don't make the cut aren't mentioned, and testing criteria are also unclear.
8. Natural Health
Oct. 2008
Winner's Circle
by Olessa Pindak
Our AssessmentEditors and readers of Natural Health magazine test 434 organic, fair trade and eco-friendly beauty products for the fourth annual Natural Health beauty awards. Twenty-two winners are chosen, all of which contain natural ingredients. Neutrogena Healthy Volume, which uses beeswax to make lashes appear fuller, is the only mascara to make the list.
9. Self Magazine
May 2009
2009 Healthy Beauty Awards
by Eleanor Langston
Our AssessmentMore than 1,000 readers test nearly 1,500 beauty products for Self magazine's annual beauty awards and rate each for effectiveness, scent, texture, ease of use and packaging. Top products in each category are listed; Stila Convertible, Clinique High Impact Curling, Physician's Formula Organic Wear and Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto all make the list. However, only new products that debuted in 2009 are tested.
10. 3Luxe.com
Not Dated
by Editors of 3Luxe.com
Our AssessmentEditors at 3Luxe.com rely on research of product reviews and industry information to choose top products in categories ranging from electronics to cosmetics. Blinc Kiss Me, Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara and Chanel Inimitable Multi-Dimensional all make the list of top mascaras. A brief description of each is given, but editors say little about their sources.
11. ClumpsOfMascara.com
As of Feb. 2010
The Mascara Bin
by "Mistakes by B"
Our AssessmentThis blog covers several beauty products, including more than 60 reviews of various mascara brands. Each mascara is personally tested by anonymous reviewer "Mistakes by B." She gives each an overall rating and shares her overall impression. Before and after pictures are also included. Although testing isn't scientific, the sheer number of reviews and the depth of information make this site a useful addition to other comparative reviews. The author's favorite mascaras include Maybelline Sky High Curves, Imju Fiberwig, Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes, Max Factor Volume Couture and L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara.
12. Real Simple
Nov. 2008
The Best Mascaras
by Sarah Smith
Our AssessmentReal Simple magazine staffers test new mascaras and choose the four best. Mally Volumizing, Clinique Lash Power Long-Wearing Formula, Dior DiorShow Iconic Mascara and Le 2 de Guerlain Two Brush in violet all make the list. Non-winning formulas are not mentioned, however, and judging criteria are not clear.
13. Health Magazine
June 2009
America's Healthiest Beauty Buys 2009
by Elizabeth Woodson
Our AssessmentEditors of Health magazine partner with dermatologists to choose the top new beauty products for 2009. All winning products are said to live up to their claims. Dermatologists say Dior DiorShow Iconic Mascara is less likely to irritate eyes because it doesn't clump or flake.
14. Shape
Sept. 2009
Best in Beauty: The Shape of Beauty Awards 2009
by Sally Wadyka
Our AssessmentShape editors, readers and beauty pros select 2009's top beauty products for the annual Shape of Beauty awards. Drugstore and department store picks are listed in each category. Both Maybelline's The Colossal Volum' Express and Chanel's Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl are chosen as best mascaras. A brief description of each is given, but testing criteria is not clear.
15. Cosmetic Executive Women
Not Dated
2009 Beauty Awards Winners
by Editors of Cosmetic Executive Women
Our AssessmentEvery year members of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), which consists of executives in the beauty industry as well as beauty professionals, choose the most innovative new products for their annual beauty awards. Both mass (drugstore) and prestige (department store) products are chosen in each category, but not much information is given about the judging criteria. Top mascaras for 2009 include L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes and Lancome Oscillation.
16. About.com
Not Dated
Best Mascaras on the Market
by Julyne Derrick
Our AssessmentJulyne Derrick, About.com's beauty guide, lists nine of her favorite mascara picks from "cheap to steep." Derrick relies on personal experience as well as expert opinion from various magazines. Each product is given a brief description. Although mascaras here aren't listed in any order, Derrick names Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara and Lancome Hypnose as her personal favorites. Maybelline Great Lash is also praised here. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
17. Pursebuzz.com
March 7, 2008
Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing Formula Review
by "pursebuzz"
Our AssessmentIn this video, an anonymous reviewer demonstrates how to apply Clinique Lash Power mascara, which she says is the best mascara on the market. She especially loves its long lasting formula and smaller brush size, which she says reaches tinier lashes with ease. The young woman also demonstrates how to use the Myrabella Mascara Shield, a product which protects lids from mascara smudges during the application process.
18. SheFinds.com
Not Dated
Best Mascara
by Editors of SheFinds.com
Our AssessmentSheFinds.com is a fashion website that consists of beauty blogs and product guides. In addition to reviewing products, editors find and post links to the best deals for those products. For this particular review, editors list their top three picks for waterproof, volumizing/thickening and curling mascara. Although a brief description is given for each mascara, judging criteria is not mentioned.
19. MakeupAlley.com
As of Feb. 2010
by Contributors to MakeupAlley.com
Our AssessmentThere are hundreds of mascaras listed at MakeupAlley.com, each of which is reviewed and rated by contributing members. Reviews can be sorted a myriad of ways, making it easy to view which products receive the highest ratings and/or the largest number of reviews. Several of the mascaras listed are reviewed hundreds of times, making this a solid source for user reviews. Among those with at least 500 reviews, Maybelline Full 'n Soft, Cover Girl Lash Exact, Max Factor 2000 Calorie, Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, Lancome Hypnose, Clinique Naturally Glossy and Max Factor Lash Perfection Volume Couture get the highest ratings.
20. TotalBeauty.com
As of Feb. 2010
by Contributors to TotalBeauty.com
Our AssessmentEditors and users rate and review hundreds of mascaras at TotalBeauty.com. Most formulas are only reviewed a handful of times, but others receive upwards of 200 reviews. Of those in the latter group, Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara, Dior DiorShow Backstage Makeup Mascara, Cover Girl Volume Exact, Cover Girl Lash Exact, Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Blasting Waterproof Mascara and Benefit BADgal Lash have the highest ratings.
21. Drugstore.com
As of Feb. 2010
by Contributors to Drugstore.com
Our AssessmentUser reviews at Drugstore.com, while plentiful, are more difficult to navigate through because the different color selections of each brand are reviewed separately. Of those that are reviewed most often, Maybelline Full 'n Soft, L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara, Cover Girl Lash Exact, Max Factor 2000 Calorie and Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara receive the highest ratings.
22. Amazon.com
As of Feb. 2010
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentThere are hundreds of mascaras listed for sale at Amazon.com, but most are only reviewed a handful of times. Among those reviewed more than 15 times, Blinc Mascara, Dior DiorShow Backstage Makeup Mascara, Fresh Supernova and Lancome Hypnose have the highest ratings.
23. Allure
May 11, 2009
Daily Beauty Reporter Blog: The Five Most Fabulous Mascaras
by Amy Keller Laird
Our AssessmentFor this blog post, Amy Keller Laird, beauty editor for Allure magazine, lists five top-performing mascaras but she doesn't share judging criteria and it isn't clear if the products were compared to any others. Laird also claims that plastic bristled mascara wands can keep mascara from clumping.
24. GoodGuide.com
As of Feb. 2010
Best Eye Makeup
by Editors of GoodGuide.com
Our AssessmentEditors of GoodGuide.com analyze the ingredients of hundreds of products to determine their safety. Products are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 on how well manufacturers serve society, consumers, workers and the environment. Products are also given a health and safety rating. Those with the highest ratings use few, if any hazardous or controversial ingredients. Noted mascaras include products from Miessence, Lavera, L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York and Almay.
25. Sephora.com
Dec. 3, 2009
Are You Ready for Your Mascara Fitting?
by Mari Tzikas
Our AssessmentIn this beauty blog for Sephora.com, Mari Tzikas explains the types of mascara brushes needed to combat straight, sparse or short lashes. Key product ingredients are also discussed. Tzikas suggests three department store mascaras that comply with her brush-type and ingredient recommendations. No testing was performed for this article, however.
26. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
Eyelash Perk-Me-Ups
by Mary Rose Almasi
Our AssessmentMascara application tips are listed in this article, along with a few product recommendations. Estee Lauder Turbo Lash All Effects Motion is suggested for its pulsating action that mimics the zigzag motion recommended by experts. Unfortunately, it isn't clear whether this mascara has been tested and it isn't compared to any other.
27. Choice magazine
June 24, 2009
Chemicals in Cosmetics -- Are They Safe?
by Editors of Choice magazine
Our AssessmentEditors of this Australian consumer magazine look into the safety of chemicals in cosmetics. Although editors discover that international brands are less likely to contain questionable ingredients, experts interviewed claim that cosmetics in the marketplace are safe when used as directed.
28. Cosmetics Database.com
As of Feb. 2010
Makeup: Mascara
by Editors of CosmeticsDatabase.com
Our AssessmentCosmeticsDatabase.com is a collection of safety reviews for cosmetics of every variety. The consumer advocate website is sponsored by the Environmental Working Group and is designed to alert consumers to the hazards of common chemicals in cosmetics. There are 1,241 products listed in the mascara category, most of which are rated "moderate hazard." Editors recommend avoiding mascaras that use fragrance or contain parabens.
29. Dermatology Times
Sept. 1, 2009
Formulations 101: Exploring the Science behind Cosmetic Products
by Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D.
Our AssessmentIn this article, Dr. Zoe Draelos discusses the science behind several cosmetic products, including curling mascaras.

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