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MSRP $1,100-$9,000 set
April 2013
by ConsumerSearch

Best air mattress

  • Adjustable firmness
  • Isolates motion well
  • Long lifespan
  • Good customer service
  • Requires assembly
  • Air pump can be noisy
  • Mechanical problems are common
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Bottom Line

Comfortaire mattresses have very high satisfaction ratings overall. Owners love their adjustable firmness and say the body-contouring air chambers are good for relieving pain. Unlike many air mattresses, Comfortaire models seldom have issues with a hump or sag forming in the middle between the air chambers. However, they are subject to problems with air leaks, mechanical failures and air pump noise.


Firmness is flexible. An electric air pump can adjust the firmness of Comfortaire mattresses to any of 65 settings, and they come with a variety of toppers made of memory foam or latex foam. The thicker toppers on expensive models tend to make them plusher, and owners generally give Comfortaire high marks for sleeping comfort. According to, many users say their Comfortaire beds are great for relieving back, hip and shoulder pain. They're also unlikely to feel uncomfortably warm, the way foam mattresses can.

Comfortaire mattresses have many advantages for those who share a bed. Many users like being able to adjust the firmness for both sides of the bed separately, allowing couples with different firmness preferences to sleep in comfort. Most air mattresses -- including the well-known Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort -- have this feature, but it often leads to a hump or sag that forms in the middle of the bed between the air chambers.

This so-called "middle problem" is less common for Comfortaire mattresses than for other brands, which also makes them more comfortable for lovemaking. Comfortaire beds isolate motion well, so you're less likely to wake your partner by moving in the middle of the night. If you need to adjust the firmness, however, the noise from the air pump might be enough to wake your partner. About 15 percent of owners say this is an issue.


Better service, higher prices. Comfortaire mattresses are pricey, starting at $1,100 for a queen set and going up to $9,000. In contrast, Sleep Number beds cost between $1,000 and $3,900 for a queen set. Comfortaire does have higher overall satisfaction ratings, however, and finds that Comfortaire buyers are as likely as Sleep Number owners to be satisfied with the price.

One advantage Comfortaire has over its competitor is customer service, which tends to get high ratings from users. At, a couple of owners who experienced technical problems with their mattresses say they're still very satisfied because of how well the company handled the repairs. Comfortaire's return policy is also better than average. Mattresses ordered through the website may be returned any time in the first 60 days for a full refund, including return shipping. Retailers may not offer the same deal.

Comfortaire's warranty, on the other hand, is only mediocre. Mattresses are covered for 20 years, but coverage is prorated after the first two or four years depending on the model. After that, owners will pay 20 percent or more of the cost for repairs and replacement parts. Compression of the foam mattress topper isn't covered.


Long-lived, but not trouble-free. For air mattresses, durability isn't the same as lifespan. Air mattresses may actually last longer than other mattress types because parts can generally be replaced as they wear out. However, parts wear out and break down often. At least one of four Comfortaire owners says the mattress developed a mechanical problem at some point, with faulty pumps and leaking air bladders being the most common. Mattress toppers may compress over time and need replacement, although flipping and rotating the topper from time to time may help prolong its lifespan. The mattress itself is one-sided.

One other difference between air mattresses and other types is that they require assembly. For an extra fee, Comfortaire will ship the bed pre-assembled or provide assistance with setup. Yet owners who assemble the beds themselves generally say the job isn't that difficult, taking only two hours.

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Review Credibility: Good is the only site with user reviews of Comfortaire mattresses, and it has just a handful. Most owners give the mattress 5 stars out of 5, with praise for its comfort and pain relief. However, a few complain about durability. Air leakage appears to be the most common problem, followed by pump failures. While most owners say the company's customer service is good, one is frustrated that a mattress bought online and on sale couldn't be returned.

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