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OrganicPedic by OMI

MSRP $2,000-$9,200
April 2013
by ConsumerSearch
organicpedic omi

  • Handmade in the U.S.
  • All-natural, sustainably sourced materials
  • Wide range of prices and styles
  • Latex foam isolates motion well
  • Not widely available
  • Costs more than any other mattress

Bottom Line

For eco-conscious shoppers who want the greenest mattress money can buy, it's hard to beat the OrganicPedic line by OMI that's made from all-natural, sustainably sourced materials. Although difficult to find in stores, these mattresses are available in a range of styles, including innerspring and latex, many of which can be custom-built to the user's preferences.


Lots of options. Some OrganicPedic mattresses contain springs, but most models are made of 100 percent natural rubber latex. Typically, a layer of firm latex foam is sandwiched between two layers of softer foam, and a few mattresses can be customized to the buyer's preference of firm, medium or soft. This is one feature New York Magazine's Sarah Bernard liked most about the OrganicPedic mattress she tested. Although that model is now discontinued, some current OrganicPedic models take the concept even further: Buyers can select the firmness of individual zones within the mattress, allowing couples to make one side firmer than the other.

Latex mattresses in general do a good job of contouring to the body, minimizing pressure points and reducing pain, says mattress review site A user at credits his OrganicPedic mattress with relieving the numbness in his fingers and his partner's migraines, saying it feels "like sleeping on a cloud." He adds that the bed isolates motion well: "When the cat jumps on the bed…you don't wake up thinking it's an earthquake." According to, latex mattresses as a whole tend to control motion well and have few problems with the unpleasant new-mattress smell associated with memory foam models. In addition, some owners find them uncomfortably warm.


"Green" costs serious green. OrganicPedic mattresses cost anywhere from $2,000 to $9,200 for a queen size for the mattress alone; foundations, including both box springs and slatted bed bases, are sold separately. OMI backs all of its mattresses with what it calls an "industry-leading 20-year limited warranty," but no details about coverage are provided.

Yet for the kind of buyers who want a "green" mattress, value isn't just a question of price, it's also about how natural and sustainable the product is. Using those criteria, OrganicPedic mattresses are unbeatable. All of the company's mattresses are handmade in the U.S. in a "smoke-free, fragrance-free and cruelty-free environment." And they contain only natural materials: metal springs, natural rubber latex from sustainably harvested rubber trees, certified organic cotton and OMI's own trademarked cruelty-free Eco-Wool. Furthermore, the mattresses aren't treated with chemicals like flame retardants, although they still meet both federal and California fire safety standards. However, they may be hard to find in stores.


Latex will last. In general, latex mattresses are fairly durable. All-latex models like the OrganicPedic by OMI last an average of eight to 12 years compared to an average seven years for all mattresses. The most common durability problem with latex models is the latex foam compresses over time, developing indentations from the weight of the sleeper's body. This can reduce the comfort of the mattress and impede movement.

Some OrganicPedic mattresses boast an extra feature that may prolong their lifespan: The upper pillow top is removable, so if it begins to sag, you can replace the top rather than discarding the entire mattress. New York Magazine's Bernard likes this feature, calling it an example of "long-term thinking." OrganicPedic innerspring mattresses are backed by the same 20-year warranty as other OrganicPedic models, and says mattresses with a 20-year warranty usually have about a 10-year lifespan, which is longer than the six-year average that's typical for this mattress type.

Our Sources

1. New York Magazine

Review Credibility: Good Bernard describes her experiences testing 100 memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses, but only a handful are discussed in detail. Her favorite is the expensive David model from OrganicPedic by OMI, which has layers of natural latex foam that can be customized to the user's firmness preference. She especially likes that the top layer can be removed and replaced if it starts to sag, so the entire mattress needn't be discarded. Although the David model is now discontinued, several existing OrganicPedic mattresses have similar features.

Review: I Slept on 100 Mattresses, Sarah Bernard, Feb. 8, 2009

2. Upstate House

Review Credibility: Good Editors of Upstate House choose products in 14 categories for the magazine's Innovative Green Design Awards. Criteria include sustainability, use of green materials, energy use, carbon footprint and innovation. The Terra mattress from OrganicPedic by OMI is named the winner in the bedding category thanks to its natural latex made from sustainably harvested rubber tree sap. Meyer notes that latex mattresses are "naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and biodegradable." The OrganicPedic mattress also contains vegetable-based adhesive, certified organic cotton and cruelty-free Eco-Wool.

Review: Saluting Sustainability, Nancy Meyer, May 2009


Review Credibility: Good This site compiles information about mattress satisfaction from more than 16,000 owner reviews. OrganicPedic by OMI isn't among the brands rated here, but there is information about owners' satisfaction with latex mattresses as a whole. We use this site to compare what we read about OrganicPedic mattresses' comfort, durability, price and warranty with the same features for latex mattresses in general.

Review: Latex Mattress Reviews & Ratings, Editors of, March 2, 2013


Review Credibility: Fair This is the only owner review we found for an OrganicPedic mattress. It's actually a critique of the store that sold the mattress, but "Yorkey N." goes into a fair amount of detail about his new OrganicPedic Terra. He calls it "the best mattress money can buy" and says it feels like "sleeping on a cloud." He credits the Terra with relieving both the morning numbness in his fingers and his partner's migraines, and adds that it isolates motion very well.

Review: Lifekind Products, Contributor to, Feb. 13, 2008

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