Select Comfort Sleep Number 5000 Pillowtop

Best adjustable air mattress

  • Adjustable firmness on both sides
  • Isolates motion well
  • Long life span
  • Good warranty
  • Can develop mechanical issues
  • May be noisy

Bottom line

If you're looking for an air mattress, the Sleep Number bed is considered a good choice. Users find it comfortable, and its adjustable firmness is widely considered a great feature. However, a fair number of owners report a hump or sag between the air chambers, mechanical problems and/or air-pump noise. Still, its owner-satisfaction rating on is higher than that for mattresses overall, and at least 20 percent of users report improved sleep quality.

Breaking it down


Owners love the adjustable firmness. According to, at least one in five owners say the Sleep Number bed has relieved or eliminated chronic pain and improved sleep quality. In addition, thanks to its electric pump, users on either side of the bed can adjust the Sleep Number's air pressure up or down to find the best level of support for their individual needs. On the downside, some find that the middle of the bed develops a hump or trench between the air chambers, making the bed less comfortable for sleep or sex. As many as one in 10 owners report that the air pump is noisy.


Somewhat pricey. At $1,000 to $5,000 for a queen set, the Sleep Number line of air beds costs well above the average price paid for other mattress types. Even so, the top price is lower than that for competitive adjustable air mattresses. Sleep Number warranties its mattresses for 25 years, although coverage is prorated after the first two. In addition, the warranty does not cover compression or body impressions. The company offers a 100-day trial period, and dissatisfied users can return the bed for exchange or refund. However, shipping and setup costs aren't refundable, and owners must pay to ship the bed back.


Relatively long life span. Sleep Number mattresses last a long time, since nearly any problem with the bed can be fixed with a replacement part. This includes not only mechanical parts like air pumps but also fixed parts like foam toppers. On average, owners keep their Sleep Number beds about 10 years, although at least one in five say their beds have suffered from some type of durability problem, such as leaking air chambers or controller malfunctions. While there has been publicity in the past about mold in Sleep Number beds, indicates that mold problems are rare. We also found no reports of mold in reviews.

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Sleep Number Reviews


The Sleep Number bed garners an overall satisfaction rating of 78 percent from more than 1,665 users whose comments are analyzed on Owners like its comfort and adjustable firmness, but some complain of an uncomfortable bump or sag in the middle, as well as noisy pumps and mechanical problems.

Review: Sleep Number Bed Review, Ratings, Comparisons and Complaints, Editors of, July 9, 2015

2. tests 35 mattresses, including innerspring, memory-foam and adjustable air models, on criteria that include durability, vibration, firmness and support. Manufacturer claims regarding firmness are also put to the test. Two Sleep Number mattresses are among those tested.

Review: Mattresses, Editors of, Not Dated


In this free to the public article, editors of give an overview of testing done on two Sleep Number mattresses -- one quite a bit more expensive than the other. They find that the less expensive Seep Number c2 bed performs just as well as the Sleep Number i8 mattress.

Review: Sleep Number beds differ in price not performance, Editors of, Aug. 12, 2014


More than 980 owners post reviews of the Sleep Number line of mattresses on, giving the brand an average overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. Many call it comfortable and say it relieves pain, but some find it not supportive enough. A few report mechanical issues.

Review: Sleep Number Beds Reviews, Contributors to, As of July 2015

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