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Serta iSeries

Est. $1,500 to $3,400, queen set
May 2014
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Serta iSeries

  • Provides pain relief, at least initially
  • Pocketed coils isolate motion well
  • Good warranty
  • Relatively new; hard to judge durability
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The Serta iSeries may appeal to customers looking for a relatively inexpensive way to reap the benefits of memory foam. It combines gel-infused memory foam with an innerspring unit, which allows it to achieve a lower price range than many all-foam mattress lines do. This line replaces the Serta Perfect Day, which had some sagging issues, according to It remains to be seen if the iSeries will experience similar problems.


Isolates motion well. Thanks to its pocketed coils, the Serta iSeries line is good at stopping motion transfer, according to Editors say it performs better than average in this regard, compared with other innerspring mattresses as well as all mattresses overall. It also performs at an above average rate for pain relief, which the editors attribute to the presence of memory foam in some models. The line appears to be too new to determine if sagging will be a problem; however, the Perfect Day line, which the iSeries replaces, tended to pose sagging problems for at least one in four owners, according to


Long-term warranty. The Serta iSeries mattress line sells for between $1,500 and $3,400 for a queen set, meaning it starts somewhat higher than other innerspring lines. Step-up features such as pocketed coils and gel-infused memory foam account for its relatively expensive opening price. The line carries a generous 25-year warranty, which is prorated after the first 15. The warranty covers sagging, but only if the indentation reaches at least 1.5 inches for quilted-top mattresses, or 0.75 inch for smooth-top mattresses. Purchasers of the iSeries are also covered by a trial period that allows them to test the mattress for 120 days and exchange it if they're unhappy.


Difficult to assess. The Serta iSeries mattress is relatively new, which makes it difficult to assess its long-term durability. reports that sagging, particularly during the first three years, was a top complaint of the Perfect Day, which the iSeries replaces. Sagging is a major cause of diminished mattress longevity. At least one in four Perfect Day owners had problems with sagging, according to, although in one comprehensive professional test of mattresses, a Perfect Day model earned a top score for durability. Editors at add that iSeries models with thick pillow tops have the most potential for sagging problems.

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Serta Perfect Day iSeries Applause Firm (Vantage Firm) with Low Profile Box Spring (Queen)

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The Serta iSeries line earns an average satisfaction rating of 59 percent in's analysis of more than 100 owner comments. Editors say the mattress is initially considered comfortable and effective at pain relief, but this perception fades over time, due to the mattress's tendency to sag.

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2. editors evaluate mattresses by analyzing support, firmness and durability. Manufacturer claims about firmness are also examined for accuracy. One discontinued Serta model, the Perfect Day Applause, is included in this test. The model has been replaced by the iSeries Vantage, according to the website.

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