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Serta Perfect Sleeper

$1,000-$1,400 set
April 2013
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Serta Perfect Sleeper

  • Good initial comfort
  • Variety of firmness options
  • Sleeps cool
  • Short warranty with little coverage for sagging
  • Premature sagging is common
  • Some customer service complaints

Bottom Line

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a modestly priced mattress that performs well in professional tests for supportiveness, especially for back sleepers. New owners often praise its ideal balance between firmness and cushiness. However, the Serta is prone to premature sagging -- although not quite as much as some competitors -- and users tend to become less satisfied after a while. Its warranty and customer service are also unimpressive.


Good initial support. In an independent comparison test, the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress provides good support for people who sleep on their sides and excellent support for back sleepers. Although testers say it's also excellent at isolating motion, this isn't necessarily true for the entire Perfect Sleeper line, according to users. At, a website that analyzes data from thousands of mattress reviews, this line earns a grade of C for motion isolation.

User feedback indicates that Perfect Sleeper mattresses tend to be very comfortable when brand new. They come in various levels of firmness, with firmer models being best for back sleepers and softer ones for side sleepers. Several reviews say mattresses from this line offer the perfect balance of cushioning and support. In addition, reports that new owners of Perfect Sleeper mattresses often find them helpful for eliminating back, hip and shoulder pain. However, like many other innersprings, Perfect Sleepers tend to sag over time, reducing their comfort and support. About one in seven owners say this causes back pain. On the plus side, these mattresses are unlikely to trap heat, except for a few models that contain significant amounts of memory foam or latex.


Modest price, weak warranty. describes the Perfect Sleeper as "an entry- to mid-level mattress." List prices range from $1,000 to $1,400 for a queen set, and in-store prices are likely to be considerably lower. Many owners at consider these mattresses to be a great value, but those who encounter durability problems are sometimes frustrated by Serta's warranty service.

The Perfect Sleeper's 10-year warranty is on the short side, even for an innerspring, and problems with sagging are covered only if the mattress has an indentation of at least 1.5 inches. Most innerspring warranties have this disclaimer, but owners often find it unreasonable. They add that Serta's customer service is average; says complaints often focus on "a lack of help and professionalism regarding warranty claims." One owner warns at that Serta won't provide coverage if the mattress tags have been removed.


Sagging is a common problem. All innerspring mattresses will start to sag eventually, but premature sagging within the first three years affects about one in five Perfect Sleeper mattresses. This is a smaller percentage than those who experience the same problem with the top-rated Simmons Beautyrest, but it's high enough to be a concern. At, many owners say their mattresses began to sag anywhere from "less than 1 month" to five years. The problem may be less severe for mattresses in the Perfect Sleeper line that are two-sided and can be flipped to prolong their life. A Serta Perfect Sleeper will last about six years, typical for an innerspring.

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