Mattress Toppers : Ratings of Sources

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Mattress Toppers: Ratings of Sources

1. Mattress Topper Reviews, Ratings & Comparison, Editors of, April 6, 2016
The editors of have analyzed nearly 65,000 individual owner reviews for several types of mattress toppers, including memory foam, latex, featherbed, fiberbed and wool; as well as mattress pads. Based on this data, they rate overall consumer satisfaction with this type of mattress, as well as with specific models, giving each a satisfaction rating. However, the mattress toppers are not reviewed in any further detail.
2. Mattress Toppers, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Memory foam mattress toppers are by far the most popular mattress topper at, but there are thousands of other types and styles here as well. Dozens of products get thousands of reviews, many others get hundreds, and there are quite a few very well-reviewed toppers and pads. Some of these mattress toppers are exclusive to; others are sold through third party, marketplace sellers, and can be found less expensively elsewhere, such as at or
3. Mattress Toppers, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Credibility: is the exclusive seller of several popular mattress toppers, including Serta and National Sleep products. Many of these mattress toppers garner hundreds or even thousands of reviews.
4. Mattress Pads & Toppers, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Credibility: sells hundreds of mattress pads and toppers, and quite a few get hundreds of reviews. Mattress toppers tend to score more highly than mattress pads, overall. Walmart is the exclusive retailer for the Beautyrest featherbed mattress topper that's a Best Reviewed choice, and the various models and sizes of that mattress pad gets thousands of largely positive reviews.
5. Mattress Pads & Toppers, Contributors to, As of August 2016
Some of the mattress pads toppers at get thousands of reviews and they are very easy to sort by type, material, and size. As we see elsewhere, memory foam toppers "top" the ratings, but gel-based memory foam toppers also do well.
6. Mattress Pads Comparisons, Best Ratings, Mattress Reviews, Editors and Contributors to, As of August 2016
This retail site sells fewer mattress pads overall than our other retail review sources, focusing on those that are designed for allergy sufferers. On this page, editors list the pros and cons of various mattress toppers along with star ratings. However rating criteria and testing, if any, are not spelled out. Links to pages for specific products include more detailed specs and sometimes customer reviews. Brand names aren't always provided, however.