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Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set ET-732

August 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set ET-732

  • 300-foot range
  • Alarms for time and temperature targets
  • Remote is optional
  • Can be difficult to sync
  • Not intuitive
  • Dual temperature-measuring probes
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Bottom line

Slow-cooking meat but don't want to be chained to the grill? The Maverick Wireless ET-732's remote transmitter allows cooks to wander up to 300 feet from the thermometer's probes while cooking. It features dual probes -- one for meat, one for air temperature -- and works just as well in the backyard barbecue or smoker as it does in your kitchen oven.


Remote is optional. Users of the Maverick ET-732 say they are able to roam through the house and even down the street without losing the connection to their oven, smoker or grill. The model's not limited to long-distance cooking, either; the base of the thermometer also contains a display. The thermometer's two probes monitor the internal heat of slow-cooked meats for hours, but they don't register temperatures very quickly after insertion, so reviewers recommend keeping an instant-read thermometer handy for spot-checking meat and items that cook more quickly, like fish or chicken. The Maverick ET-732 earns mostly positive reviews, with the exception of the poor durability of its replaceable probes.

Ease of use

A sophisticated device means complicated set-up. The Maverick Wireless ET-732 is "a little tricky to get set up," users report. However, that's the tradeoff for its many bells and whistles, which include a timer, an out-of-range signal and the ability to preset alarms for high and low temperatures. There's also the issue of synchronizing, which seems to be a problem for most wireless meat thermometers. Reviewers recommend reading the manual carefully and diligently following the instructions for connecting and syncing the thermometer, as it is not intuitive. Maverick offers a 90-day warranty; owners have mixed feedback about the quality of Maverick customer service, but most report that factory defects were fixed promptly.

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