Samsung MC11H6033CT Countertop Convection Microwave Review

Samsung MC11H6033CT Review
Bottom Line

The Samsung MC11H6033CT gets generally good reviews as both a microwave and as a convection oven. Even experienced cooks say they're thrilled with how well this microwave browns and crisps; and that it works just as well for traditional microwave tasks. Some say it's slow to heat up and cooks more slowly than a traditional oven, but most say it's a great addition to their kitchen.

ProsVersatile, Attractive, Even heating/browning, Defrosts wellConsSlow to heat, Lacks a sensor


Works well in either mode. Quite a few reviewers say they regret not buying a combination convection oven/microwave sooner, because the Samsung MC11H6033CT is so convenient for such a wide variety of cooking tasks. They say that it performs particularly well when roasting cuts of meat, cooking them evenly, with a nice, browned crust. In expert tests the MC11H6033CT earns scores of Very Good for even heating and defrosting. This Samsung microwave also features what they call a "Slim Fry" technology that is similar to oil less fryers in that the manufacturer claims you can get the taste of fried foods without the fat. Owners say it's clever, but that, in reality, it doesn't work well and you get better results with the convection feature. However, plenty of users say the convection feature takes a while to heat up and cooks more slowly than a conventional convection oven, so you need to add a few minutes to your recipe's cooking times.


Good array of options. The Samsung MC11H6033CT has several pre-programmed settings, including a popcorn key, reheat, defrost, and a slim fry button. It includes 10 power levels, and a 30 second add-on. The convection oven also has presents for grilling, roasting and baking. Users say that it's a decent selection of features and that most cooking needs are right at your fingertips.

Ease of use

A learning curve. All convection/microwave combinations are more difficult to use and have a steeper learning curve than traditional microwave-only ovens, and user feedback indicates that the Samsung MC11H6033CT takes a bit of practice to master. The main issue is that you have to make several section to defrost, reheat or cool. You start by entering the type of food and serving size, then the oven does the calculations for length of cooking time based upon those selections. While users say this works very well, they also say you can't know how long your food will take to cook until the microwave has done its calculations and started cooking. Most say that once they get used to it, they have no problem, but it can be puzzling to figure out.


Stainless steel styling. The Samsung MC11H6033CT has a rather unique door feature: unlike most microwaves that open to the side, the MC11H6033CT opens from the top. Most love this design, saying it looks modern and sleek, and is easier to use since the door doesn't swing closed while they're using it. However, other don't like that the door does not lie flat due to the handle on the exterior of the door. Most users agree that this stainless steel Samsung is very attractive. We did see some complaints about durability, most notably with the convection feature which some owners say failed quite early into their ownership of this microwave -- after just a few uses. Overall, though, those complaints are in the minority and certainly aren't unusual in combination microwaves.

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The Samsung MC11H6033CT gets an overall rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 in almost 85 customer reviews. While that seems rather low, an examination of the reviews finds the complaints seem to center around the convection feature, which users say heats and cooks too slowly; several say it stopped working altogether after a fairly short period of time. The majority, though are pleased and say the Samsung MC11H6033CT is everything they wanted in a combination microwave/convection oven.


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The Samsung MC11H6033CT gets more love here, earning an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, in more than 30 reviews; 94 percent of owners would recommend it. Most love the MC11H6033CT's versatility, saying it's worth paying extra to have an oven/microwave combo. There are some complaints that it cooks more slowly than regular ovens when using convection.


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The Samsung MC11H6033CT earns an overall rating of 4 5 out of 5 stars, but in just a handful of reviews; 75 percent of reviewers would recommend this microwave to a friend. Most say it's well-made, attractive and performs very well.