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Comparing midsize SUVs and crossovers

Reviews present one overarching theme when it comes to midsize SUVs: There's no such thing as an objectively inferior model. While at first blush this seems silly, it's really the culmination of automakers' increased focus on this market segment. Simply, midsize SUVs sell in droves, and automakers have focused on delivering the most competitive models possible.

As a group, today's midsize SUVs excel at on-road comfort and performance, since nearly all of them ride on car-like unibody platforms (as opposed to yesteryear's body-on-frame truck platforms). Attractive, practical, amenity-laden interiors are the norm, and automakers continue to focus on fuel economy and safety to further enhance these vehicles' family-friendliness. Size, space and capabilities vary -- the best for overall people-moving duties may not be ideal for off-roading -- and as always, luxury models differentiate themselves with higher levels of performance, increased comfort, more technology or any combination thereof.

Our individual pages on the best-reviewed and runner-up midsize SUV models tackle each in greater detail. Note that our companion reports on small SUVs, large SUVs and minivans may all be of interest, since there's plenty of overlap when it comes to capabilities.

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