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Compound Miter Saws: Ratings of Sources

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1. Wood Magazine
December/January 2010/2011
10" Sliding Mitersaws
by Editors of Wood Magazine
Our AssessmentTo test 10 compound miter saws for this extensive review, Wood Magazine editors "made loads of cuts, rocked them back and forth through their miter and bevel ranges, and tossed them into the back of a pickup truck." The Makita LS1016L places first, followed by the Craftsman 21237 for the best value.
Tool Test: 12-Inch Chop Saws
by Andy Beasley
Our AssessmentThough this is an older review, six of the eight saws are still available. Andy Beasley provides a thorough comparison of each model's cutting capacity, controls, fences and scales.
3. Wood Magazine
September 2007
12 Inch Mitersaws Tool Review
by Editors of Wood Magazine
Our AssessmentAfter testing seven 12-inch compound miter saws, editors say these tools have "outgrown their construction roots," becoming "precise enough for cutting components for picture frames, cabinets, and furniture." This is another older review, though several saws, including one of the two first-place finishers, remain available.
4. Popular Mechanics
April 27, 2010
Can Craftsman's New Mitermate Take on a Traditional Miter Saw?
by Stuart Deutsch
Our AssessmentPopular Mechanics tests the consumer-grade Craftsman MiterMate21226 against DeWalt's prosumer DW713. The DeWalt wins out for quality, durability and work-site flexibility, while the MiterMate matches the DeWalt in accuracy, sets up to cut faster and easier and is a better value.
5. Popular Woodworking
April 2011
Tool Test: Is Bosch's Axial-glide Tool the Future of Miter Saws?
by Editors of Popular Woodworking
Our AssessmentIn this one-saw review, editors walk through the features of the Bosch GCM12SD, calling it the "most innovative (sic) design idea to hit miter saws."
6. American Woodworker
April 27, 2010
Tool Test - 12-in Sliding Compound Miter Saws
by Eric Smith
Our AssessmentEric Smith walks readers through the important features to consider when buying a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. Ten saws are tested here by making "multiple crosscut, miter, bevel and compound miter cuts" in mahogany and white oak.
7. Wood Magazine
As of September 2013
by Editors of and Contributors to Wood Magazine
Our AssessmentEditors review about two dozen miter saws here, evaluating performance, features, ease of use and value. Top-rated miter saws include the Makita LS1016L and DeWalt's DWS780 and DW715. A few owner opinions are included as well.
As of September 2013
Miter Saws
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentAbout two dozen models of compound miter saws receive a significant amount of owner feedback at, representing brands such as Hitachi, Milwaukee and Bosch. Saws by DeWalt are some of the best rated, including the 10-inch DW713 and the 12-inch DW715 and DWS780.
As of September 2013
Miter Saws
by Contributors to
Our carries a mix of consumer and contractor-grade compound miter saws. Customers can leave feedback and share their experiences with saws they have used. DeWalt, Bosch, Makita and Milwaukee are among the top-ranking brands.
As of September 2013
Miter Saws
by Contributors to
Our offers various compound-miter-saw brands. Craftsman models contain the most owner reviews. The sliding 10-inch Craftsman 21237 is by far the most popular, with over 260 reviews and a rating of 4 stars out of 5.
June 2007
Miter & Table Saws
by Editors of
Our AssessmentAfter extensive testing, editors rate about a dozen compound, cordless and sliding miter saws, scoring them on accuracy, speed, handling and accessories. This report contains only a few models still on the market but is's most recent evaluation of miter saws.
As of September 2013
Miter Saws
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentOf the 30 compound miter saws at, only half receive owner reviews, and most of these garner 20 or fewer comments. The Hitachi models are the top-rated, with high scores and more than 100 reviews each. Models from Bosch and DeWalt also earn high scores, but have significantly fewer reviews.
As of September 2013
Miter Saws
by Contributors to
Our has a small selection of compound miter saws, most with less than 10 owner reviews. The 10-inch sliding Klutch is the most popular, with 4.6 stars from about 60 contributors. Three DeWalt chop saws are also well rated here: the 10-inch DW713 and the 12-inch DW715 and DW716.
14. Taunton's 2013 Tool Guide
Miter Saws
by Patrick McCombe, Gary M. Katz and Andy Beasley
Our AssessmentThe annual Taunton Tool Guide features two sliding compound miter saws: the 10-inch Makita LS1016L and the 12-inch Bosch GCM12SD. There's very little discussion on model-specific performance here, but the article is an otherwise comprehensive guide detailing the best features of top miter saws, with a diagram of cutting capacities and tips to get the most from your saw.
15. Popular Mechanics
Feb. 1, 2001
Comparison Test: 8 Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saws
by Thomas Klenck
Our AssessmentThe models analyzed in this comparison test are outdated, but Thomas Klenck provides a helpful explanation of the difference between regular and sliding compound miter saws and why sliding saws are an improvement over radial-arm saws.
16. Popular Mechanics
Not Dated
The Next 7 Tools You Need to Be a Better Home Handyman
by Brett Martin
Our AssessmentBrett Martin lists seven must-have tools for any handyman, including the miter saw. "I use my miter saw more than all my [other] saws combined," says Martin. Though he doesn't discuss specific models, Martin does explain the uses of a miter saw and notes the "increased cutting capacity" of a sliding miter saw.

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