Verizon Mobile Broadband
Verizon Mobile Broadband

Best mobile broadband

Reviewers say Verizon is the best option for mobile broadband. Its speedy (and ever-expanding) 4G LTE network proves faster than AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile in test after test -- sometimes even exceeding the 5 to 12 Mbps download speeds Verizon promises. If you live or travel outside Verizon's 4G area, you'll fall back on its reliable and (nearly) nationwide 3G network. What's more, Verizon gets good marks for customer service and tech support in three major customer surveys. But you'll have to be mindful not to exceed your monthly data cap: Verizon no longer offers an unlimited mobile broadband plan. Plans now range from 1 GB (*Est. $20 per month) to 10 GB (*Est. $80 per month). Verizon offers some pay-as-you-go 3G plans, but 4G requires a contract. If you prefer unlimited 4G service, reviews recommend Clearwire Clear Mobile Broadband (*Est. $20 to $55 per month), if it's available in your area.
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*Est. $20 to $80 per month Estimated Price
Clearwire Clear Mobile Broadband
Clearwire Clear Mobile Broadband

4G mobile broadband with no data caps, but limited coverage

Clearwire uses a 4G WiMAX network to provide wireless Internet connection speeds that rival those of DSL and cable -- at comparable costs. It's not as fast in tests as Verizon Mobile Broadband's 4G LTE service (*Est. $20 to $80 per month) -- Clearwire's download speeds range from 3 to 6 Mbps -- but unlike Verizon, Clearwire offers unlimited data plans (*Est. $45 to $55 per month). However, experts say Clearwire's signal can be inconsistent and vary even from room to room in the same building, and we found multiple user complaints (and one lawsuit) alleging that Clearwire deliberately slows the connections of customers who use a lot of bandwidth (streaming movies, for example). Clearwire Clear Mobile Broadband 4G mobile broadband is available in 82 cities.
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*Est. $20 to $55 per month Estimated Price
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