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Cricket Broadband

*Est. $40 to $60 per month
July 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Cricket Broadband

  • Price
  • No contract required
  • Connections usually reliable
  • Limited to certain metro areas
  • Restocking fee in trial period
  • Reports of poor customer service

Cricket Broadband provides contract-free, wireless 3G Internet access in certain metro areas. Its main advantage is price. It offers 3G mobile broadband for less than other carriers -- choose from 2.5 GB (*Est. $40 per month), 5 GB (*Est. $50 per month) or 7.5 GB (*Est. $60 per month) plans. By contrast, Verizon Mobile Broadband's prepaid service charges $80 per month if you want 5 GB of 3G data to use with your laptop. Cricket advertises download speeds up to 1.4 Mbps (Verizon is up to 1.7 Mbps), and users say Cricket mobile broadband is usually reliable, but it can be slow in some areas. National providers like Verizon also offer wider national coverage, which can make it easier to find a connection when traveling. We found quite a few complaints about Cricket's rebate fulfillment, restocking fees during the initial trial period and poor technical support.

We found the best comparison report on Cricket Broadband at, where it's ranked and graded on various factors based on reviews and ratings from users. Sascha Segan tests Cricket for, and another article there praises Cricket primarily for its reasonable price. User-written comments at two sites, Las Vegas City Life and, cover Cricket in quite a few locations.

Our Sources


More than 40 users review Cricket Broadband here. Some report reliable connections, but others report slow speeds and connection problems with Windows 7.

Review: All Reviews of Cricket Broadband , Contributors to


This hands-on review praises Cricket Broadband for its low price and rates it 3.5 stars out of a possible 5. Tests in the Tucson, Ariz., area find download speeds averaging 532 Kbps, fine for web pages and audio but not for video.

Review: Cricket Broadband with UM100 Modem, Sascha Segan, Jan. 15, 2009


This article praises Cricket Broadband, along with Xohm (now Clearwire) WiMAX, for reasonable prices -- especially in comparison with mobile broadband from cell phone providers.

Review: Outrageously Priced Technology, Jennifer L. DeLeo, Nov. 17, 2008

4. Las Vegas City Life

An ex-customer of Cricket complains about hidden fees plus poor coverage in the Las Vegas area. Readers complain that the then-advertised "unlimited" Internet access actually has a 5 GB usage limit, above which extra charges are incurred, and that the free trial period includes a restocking fee. One longtime Cricket user in the Philadelphia area defends Cricket and reports connection speeds close to those of Sprint.

Review: Cricket Broadband, "Poizen Ivy", June 26, 2008


Though this brief review says Cricket offers unlimited wireless broadband, readers note that Cricket now caps usage at 5 GB per month. Of the 90 readers commenting, many criticize Cricket for extremely slow connections and poor technical support.

Review: Cricket Launches Unlimited Broadband, "Joe", March 24, 2008

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