Facial Moisturizers: Expert and User Reviews

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Facial Moisturizers: Ratings of Sources

1. PaulasChoice.com BeautyPedia Reviews, Editors of PaulasChoice.com, As of April 2016
This website belongs to skincare expert Paula Begoun, author of several beauty-related titles including "The Original Beauty Bible" and "The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here." In the Beautypedia section, editors subject the products to hands-on testing and evaluate their ingredients against scientific standards, then assign each product a rating out of 5 stars possible. Standouts receive that hard-to-get 5-star rating in 2014 or later.
2. TotalBeauty.com 6th Annual TotalBeauty.com Winners, Editors of TotalBeauty.com, As of April 2016
The editors of TotalBeauty.com list top beauty products in two sections. The first, dedicated to an annual awards list, is based on hands-on testing, plus several "Reader's Choice" picks. The second list is dedicated to drawing on TotalBeauty.com's deep well of reader feedback, with every product receiving an overall score out of 10 possible, plus several excerpts from reader comments.
3. InStyle Best Beauty Buys: Moisturizers, Editors of InStyle.com, As of April 2016
Every year, the editors at InStyle.com choose their top beauty buys in a number of categories, including moisturizers. No comparative scores are assigned, but each product receives a brief review informed by comments from a dermatologist. The commentary also includes notes on how the moisturizers feel and how they absorb, although it's not clear how much (if any) hands-on testing they've been subjected to.
4. Allure 2015 Readers' Choice Awards, Elizabeth Siegel, As of April 2016
The editors of Allure.com draw on reader feedback to name the top "reader's choice" award winners in a number of makeup, hair and skincare categories. In a separate article, they list their picks for "best of beauty" skincare products. No comparative ratings are assigned, but each product receives a brief blurb to highlight its best performance quality or ingredients.
5. Amazon.com Facial Creams & Moisturizers, Contributors to Amazon.com, As of April 2016
Amazon.com is, as always, a font of honest feedback from people who've purchased and used these face moisturizers. Because many of them have purchased multiple moisturizers in their search for the perfect product, these reviewers are a wealth of information on how said products compare. Customers also offer useful feedback on how facial moisturizers perform over the long term; once they find a product they like they'll stick with it for years, if not decades.
6. Sephora.com Moisturizers, Contributors to Sephora.com, As of April 2016
Most of the facial moisturizers listed at Sephora.com have hundreds of user reviews; several products receive thousands of user comments. Said users often put an enormous amount of effort into finding a moisturizer that works for their skin, so their comments are very helpful. Standout products received an average rating of 4.5 stars or better after at least 100 user reviews.
7. Ulta.com Moisturizers, Contributors to Ulta.com, As of April 2016
Feedback from Ulta.com customers is especially useful for gauging how a given moisturizer performs under cosmetics. Many of the moisturizers listed here receive a hundred or more user reviews. We paid special attention to standout models that received a 4.4-star rating or better after at least 40 user reviews.