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Libman Wonder Mop

*Est. $13
February 2011
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Libman Wonder Mop

Wet mop for deep cleaning

  • Machine-washable mop head
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Fits into hard-to-reach corners
  • Tricky to wring out

Experts say string mops are more absorbent than other types of mops and do a better job of sopping up liquid messes compared to flat-head mops like Swiffer. String mops are also generally better for scrubbing. The downside of string mops in general is that they can be difficult to wring out and are susceptible to mildew if not allowed to dry fully. The Libman Wonder Mop addresses these concerns with its wringer sleeve, which allows users to squeeze liquid out of the strings without actually touching them. Although the process requires more effort than what is needed with flat-head mops like the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop (*Est. $40), reviewers say the results are worth it. In tests, the Libman Wonder Mop provides a deeper clean and can handle bigger messes than its competitors. Slate magazine says that it's also easy to maneuver around appliances and in tight corners. The mop head is made of microfiber strips, which are less susceptible to mildew than cotton strings. The mop head is machine washable, and replacements (*Est. $7) are fairly easy to find in stores. Libman says you should replace the mop head after about 50 uses.

We found the most thorough review of the Libman Wonder Mop at, where it is tested and compared to six other mops. User reviews at, though few in number, are mainly positive.

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Libman Wonder Mop

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Elaine Blair tests seven mops and gives top honors to the Libman Wonder Mop, which she says is very absorbent, reaches into corners and crevices with ease and has enough heft to scrub out stubborn stains. She says that it is a bit difficult to wring out, however.

Review: Top Mops, Elaine Blair, Dec. 15, 2004


There are just a few reviews here for the Libman Wonder Mop. Most say it does a great job, but one says it's not great for scrubbing.

Review: Libman Co. 02000 Wonder Strip Mop, Contributors to


There are two reviews at for the Libman Wonder Mop. One reviewer likes the mop a lot, and the other says the mop heads don't last more than a month or two without needing to be replaced.

Review: Libman Wonder Mop, Contributors to

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