February 2011
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Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Mop for everyday cleaning

  • Reusable, washable mop heads
  • Refillable bottles for cleaners
  • Can be used dry
  • Not the best for scrubbing
  • Can't mop up spills very well

Unlike the Swiffer WetJet, the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop employs reusable mop pads and refillable cleaning-solution bottles, so there are fewer ongoing costs, and you can use whatever cleaning solution you choose (or plain water). For that reason, owners are very positive about this mop, with many saying it's an environmentally friendly alternative to Swiffer mops. The kit comes with three washable microfiber mop heads, the mop itself and two reusable, refillable bottles. It's safe for any hard-floor type, including sealed wood floors. Because this is a flat-head mop, it's not the best at soaking up spills or for deep scrubbing. For that, experts recommend a sponge mop or a string mop like the Libman Wonder Mop (*Est. $13).

We didn't find many professional reviews for the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray mop, but nearly 100 owners contribute reviews to, and Users say the Rubbermaid Reveal mop is an affordable alternative to Swiffer mops and is just as convenient.

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Our Sources

1. Good Housekeeping

Three mops are discussed in this brief article from Good Housekeeping magazine. All three models are different from other convenience mops in that they don't require any specific cleaners, replacement pads or batteries. Editors particularly like the Rubbermaid Reveal's large head.

Review: 3 New Mops That Will Floor You, Carolyn Forte, Aug. 2, 2010


In more than 50 user reviews for the Rubbermaid Reveal mop, owners say it's a better alternative to a Swiffer mop. Only one owner gives it the lowest rating because the mop head snaps off the handle too easily.

Review: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit, Contributors to


In about two dozen reviews, owners are almost entirely happy with the Rubbermaid Reveal mop. Most say they appreciate its reusable pads and solution bottles.

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There are just a handful of reviews for the Rubbermaid mop, but they're very positive. Owners like the low ongoing costs, since you can reuse the microfiber pads and cleaning-solution bottles.

Review: Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop, Contributors to

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