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Mega-Catch Premier XC MCP-900XC Review

*Est. $325
June 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Mega-Catch Premier

Mega-Catch Premier XC MCP-900XC Review

  • Does not need propane
  • Combination lure available
  • Many positive owner reviews
  • Can be outfitted to release CO2
  • Lights attract moths as well as mosquitoes
  • Cord limits mobility
  • Must replace octenol or combination lure regularly
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The Mega-Catch line of mosquito traps doesn't use propane, which means you won't need to refill a tank periodically. Instead, models like the Mega-Catch MCP-900XC use ultraviolet LED lights and heat to attract mosquitoes. An octenol lure or a combination lure containing both octenol and a lactic acid-based chemical similar to Lurex can also be used, which the company says can boost the trap's capture rate. Once mosquitoes approach, they get sucked into the trap by a fan. The manufacturer claims coverage of one acre. The MCP-900XC is an updated version of the MCP-800, which has been discontinued. Both rely on the same technology and trapping process, although the updated model has several features designed to improve trapping performance, including customizable settings that allow you to target specific mosquito species, as well as the ability to outfit the unit to emit carbon dioxide (CO2 conversion kits are sold separately).

We did not find any totally objective studies comparing Mega-Catch against Mosquito Magnet. We did find one study conducted in Australia, but because those findings are available only on the manufacturer's website,, we downgraded the report's credibility. The MCP-900XC does not garner many user reviews, but there are almost 40 reviews of the MCP-800 at and almost 20 on Many users say they appreciate the fact that the Mega-Catch line does not require them to buy a propane tank and refill it periodically. Nevertheless, if you don't mind using a propane tank and you prefer a trap with more objective research behind it, you may prefer the Mosquito Magnet Patriot (*Est. $300).

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Almost 40 owners review the MCP-900XC's predecessor, the MCP-800, which uses the same technology and trapping processes. These owners give the MCP-800 an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, with many applauding the unit's effectiveness. Others report that it has little effect on their mosquito problem, or traps moths rather than mosquitoes. Some also complain of machine malfunctions.

Review: Mega-Catch Premier Mosquito Trap (MCP800), Contributors to


This gadget-review website provides a brief product blurb, followed by almost 15 user comments. Some say the Mega-Catch works, while others strongly disagree. The blurb does not name a specific Mega-Catch model, but some of the comments refer to CO2 canisters, which can be used with the MCP-900XC only if you've purchased a CO2 upgrade kit.

Review: Mosquito Mega-Catch Hits One Back, Contributors to

3. Mega-Catch

In this article posted on's own website, researchers from the University of Florida and the University of South Australia compare nine commercial traps and one under development. They write that the Mega-Catch Premier "was the most effective mosquito trap, followed by a Mega-Catch experimental prototype the 'Alpha' and the Mosquito Magnet 'Defender'." We could not confirm the exact circumstances behind this study, however.

Review: A Comparison of Commercially Available Mosquito Traps in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia: An Evaluation of 10 Different Trap Designs, Scott A. Ritchie and Craig R. Williams, 2004

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Mega-Catch Premier XC MCP-900XC *Est. $325

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Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier Mosquito Trap
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