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Yeti 575

MSRP: $3,100
June 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Yeti 575

All-mountain mountain bike

  • Stiff, stable frame
  • Good climbing performance
  • Excellent suspension
  • Shock gets hot
  • Relatively heavy

The Yeti 575 is an all-mountain mountain bike, so it has plush suspension over the front and rear wheels and can handle rocky trails better than most bikes. Reviewers say the new model has a stiffer frame that enhances stability, especially when riding fast or in tight turns. The bike has 5.75 inches of travel, but experts say it feels even plusher than you would expect. Downhill performance is excellent -- the suspension smoothes out the largest hits and bumps -- but the Yeti 575 also climbs better than most all-mountain bikes. However, one reviewer notes that the shock gets hot while riding, and some wish that Yeti could have shaved a little weight off the frame. The Yeti 575 is available as a frame only (MSRP: $1,900) or with several build kits, the cheapest of which costs $3,100. If you don't need nearly 6 inches of travel, the Trek Fuel EX 8 (MSRP: $2,470) gets the best reviews overall.

A number of reviewers test the 2011 Yeti 575, with the best analysis coming from Dirt Rag magazine, and Bicycling magazine. These sources conduct extensive testing on the bike and share their conclusions in lengthy reviews. is especially helpful because it rates the Yeti 575 on a five-point scale. Elevation Outdoors and National Geographic Adventure have shorter reviews, and is the best source for user feedback.

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Our Sources

1. Dirt Rag

Dirt Rag magazine gives the Yeti 575 a positive review. Editors say the bike performs well on climbs but really excels in technical, rocky descents. "This is one of the most all-around fun bikes I've ridden, period," Justin Steiner concludes.

Review: Review: Yeti 575, Justin Steiner, March 30, 2011


The Yeti 575 earns a 4-star rating (out of 5) from Guy Kesteven praises the new stiffer frame, which allows for solid performance on a variety of terrain. The bike isn't overly heavy, so it still climbs well, but a longer travel fork would be a welcome addition.

Review: Yeti 575 Review, Guy Kesteven, Dec. 11, 2010

3. Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling magazine says the Yeti 575 is a good bet for aggressive, technical riders. The bike has excellent performance on both climbs and descents, and the pedaling never feels mushy. However, the shock can get hot.

Review: Trail Kings, Editors of Bicycling

4. Elevation Outdoors magazine

Elevation Outdoors names the Yeti 575 one of the best bikes of 2011. Steve Schnitzpahn says the bike has admirable climbing performance -- it climbs like a bike with only 4 inches of travel, he says -- while maintaining its ability to power down descents.

Review: Saddle Up, Steve Schnitzpahn, April 2011

5. National Geographic Adventure

The Yeti 575 is the only mountain bike to earn a Gear of the Year award from National Geographic Adventure. Steve Casimiro says the redesign brings better stability and stiffness.

Review: Gear of the Year 2011, Steve Casimiro, 2011


The Yeti 575 earns very high ratings from more than 70 owners at However, most of the reviews here refer to previous model years.

Review: Yeti 575 All Mountain Full Suspension, Contributors to

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