Amazon Prime Instant Review

Updated February 28, 2014
Amazon Prime Instant
Bottom Line

Although its streaming movie and streaming TV lineup is dwarfed by Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant has some powerful pluses, including perks like free two-day shipping for many purchases. That makes it a bargain for heavy shoppers, but other movie streaming services offer more content for less money

Movie library

Limited selection. While the streaming movie selection at Amazon Prime Instant looks a lot like the one you'll find at Netflix , the downside is that there is simply less of it. Aside from some new-ish Hollywood movies via a deal with the Epix cable channel, you'll again find the best movies to be older titles. Don't confuse Amazon Prime Instant with Amazon Instant; the latter is an on-demand streaming service that has lots more content and new movies. However, you'll pay separately for each streaming movie, so costs can pile up.

ProsPart of Amazon Prime, which includes free two-day shipping for purchases, Original programmingConsSmaller movie and TV program library than Netflix, Clunky interface

TV library

Less to love. The TV library is strong on past-season TV programs, but not quite as strong as Netflix. You will find some exclusives not found on Netflix, however, notably children's programming from Nickelodeon. Deals with studios such as Sony and Fox have also granted Amazon exclusive access to certain TV shows such as FX's "Justified" and "The Americans," with past episodes being added to Amazon Prime Instant. The streaming service is also trying its hand at original programming, with users getting free access to pilot episodes and the ability to vote for which ones will be made into full series.

Hardware support

Broad support. Amazon Prime Instant isn't supported on as many devices as Netflix, but it's still available on a number of platforms. Those include many smart TVs and Blu-ray players; current- and previous-generation video game consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo; and set-top boxes from Roku and others, but not Apple TV.

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