Hulu Plus Review

Updated February 28, 2014
Hulu Plus
Bottom Line

If you are thinking of ditching your cable company and you can't get live TV with a TV antenna, Hulu Plus becomes almost a must-have subscription streaming service.

Movie library

Older films save the day. Want the latest Hollywood hits? Don't look to Hulu Plus. Instead, streaming movies largely come from independent studios and independent distributors and range from surprisingly good to mind-numbingly bad. However, you'll also find the complete catalog of The Criterion Collection, a selection of older but exceptional quality films that are adored by film fans.

ProsCurrent-season TV programs, Some high-quality movies, Good hardware supportConsLimited movie content, Licensing agreements can lead to user confusion, Movies and TV shows include ads

TV library

Tons of current-season TV. If you want to see episodes of many of this year's programs, Hulu Plus is the TV streaming service for you. The most recent episodes of most series from ABC, NBC, Fox and The CW are available as soon as the day after airing, with others delayed a week or longer depending on licensing rights. Licensing rights also determine how many episodes of a given series are available for streaming. Past seasons of CBS series are available as well, but not current ones; those are only available on the web at the CBS site. Because of licensing issues, some shows can be seen only on the free site, which can only be viewed on a computer or laptop, not your TV or a mobile device, although some workarounds are possible. Some can be seen only via Hulu Plus and some can be seen on both.

Hardware support

Growing strong. Until recently, Hulu Plus was available on only a limited number of devices. That has now changed to the point where Hulu Plus is among the best supported TV streaming services. That includes smart TVs and Blu-ray players from many consumer electronics makers, current- and previous-generation video game consoles, a bevy of set-top boxes including Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast, and more.

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