Netflix Review

Updated February 28, 2014
Bottom Line

As long as you understand that you won't find most of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Netflix offers lots to watch for even discerning movie and TV buffs.

Movie library

Old gold, new dross. Aside from a handful of titles that are also being shown on the Epix cable TV channel, newer films available on Netflix tend to be those you've never heard of. That includes some true gems from independent distributors, as well as some of the worst footage ever captured on celluloid or shot directly to video. The picture is much better for older titles, and you can find some of the top movies of all time in all genres. The vast library of streaming movies is widely regarded as the biggest of all movie streaming services, although Netflix no longer publicizes its catalog or the number of movies available.

ProsHuge library of streaming movies and TV programs, Broad hardware support, Original programmingConsMost top movies are older titles, Catalog filled out with lots of low-quality films

TV library

Classic shows, new originals. While Netflix won't have the latest episodes of current TV programs -- look to Hulu Plus (Est. $7.99 per month) or a video-on-demand service such as Vudu (Est. 99 cents and up per video) or iTunes (Est. 99 cents and up per video) for that -- you'll find tons of older TV programs, including the complete runs of many broadcast and cable TV series. Some still-running series are available as well, although only past seasons. The TV streaming lineup also includes lots of original programming such as "Orange Is the New Black" and the Emmy-winning "House of Cards." Next year (2015) will see the debut of four exclusive and original streaming TV live-action series based on Marvel comics characters, culminating in a multi-episode mini-series event.

Hardware support

It's in there. If you own a piece of electronics gear that can stream movies and TV shows from the Internet, the odds approach 100 percent that it's capable of streaming content from Netflix. That includes smart TVs, Blu-ray players, video game consoles, dedicated set-top boxes and more. Ease of use is excellent, although the experience of using Netflix varies by platform. Some Netflix features like the ability to watch 3D movies is limited to certain devices.

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