Updated February 28, 2014
Bottom Line

As long as you understand that you won't find most of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Netflix offers lots to watch for even discerning movie and TV buffs.

Movie library

Old gold, new dross. Aside from a handful of titles that are also being shown on the Epix cable TV channel, newer films available on Netflix tend to be those you've never heard of. That includes some true gems from independent distributors, as well as some of the worst footage ever captured on celluloid or shot directly to video. The picture is much better for older titles, and you can find some of the top movies of all time in all genres. The vast library of streaming movies is widely regarded as the biggest of all movie streaming services, although Netflix no longer publicizes its catalog or the number of movies available.

ProsHuge library of streaming movies and TV programs, Broad hardware support, Original programmingConsMost top movies are older titles, Catalog filled out with lots of low-quality films